The Samsung Omnia M Heads To Europe

The Samsung Omnia name has been around the block, down the street and up a few mountains. With around 13 different Omnia models under their belt Samsung has entered a new Omnia branded model into the WP7 market place. Samsung previous iterations of the Omnia brand have all run a variation of Window’s Mobile, Windows Phone or Symbian and today a new iteration of the lineup has been put smack dab in the middle of the WP7 market place. So what can we expect from the Samsung Omnia M? Early Omnia lines were dedicated high end smart phones that gave power users a reason to love Samsung. As the death of Symbian and Windows Mobile has recently struck the industry the likes of WP7 has seemingly dumbed down the prowess of what the Omnia stood for. The Omnia M is here to tread that water.

Samsung recently announced their WP7 based Focus 2 that by all accounts is seemingly headed stateside for the likes of Ma’ Bell’s network. WP7 lovers in Europe, not so lucky! The Omnia M is the latest WP7 device from the company and does what it can to separate itself from its older sibling the Omnia W. Headed to the European country side in the very near future the Omnia M will surley have some convincing to do. The Omnia M is branded by Samsung has a phone with many hats, but most importantly as the device that will provide its end users with “non-stop entertainment”. This, citing features like Xbox Live on the Windows side of things and little features from Samsung like its ChatOne service, its “cloud based family network”, or its Smart DJ’ing Music Hub. So entertainment on the move! But can its hardware keep up with the demand? The Omnia M runs with the latest and so far the greatest in WP7 version 7.5 aka Mango. Its sports a very familiar candy bar or slate style design that houses a 4 inch Super AMOLED touch screen that measures in at a 480×800 pixel resolution, with 233 pixels per inch. Delving a bit deeper the chip set is clocked in at 1GHz and is indeed a single core set up. It also sports 384 MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage space. Around back the Omina M sports a center mounted 5 mega pixel, 720p HD Video recording, auto focus camera, off center speaker and an LED flash. A front facing camera is also in place for VGA quality pictures and video calling. Connectivity details will give you Bluetooth version 2.1, WI-Fi 802.11 b, g, n and micro USB connections.


No word on how much and when, but the where portion starts in Europe and will be fanning out to launch in other parts of the world shortly their after. No word on if it would ever come stateside, but I think we’re all probably better off without it. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new Samsung Omnia M. Oh and remember, all the best Samsung accessories in all the worlds in all the universes can be had, right here!

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