The Samsung Galaxy Alpha set to launch early next week?

Galaxy_F_1Is the Samsung Galaxy Alpha set to launch early next week? The Samsung Galaxy is you could not tell has slowly been taking over the world. Samsung and their persistent set of tablets, notes and galaxies have been front and center of the mobile world for some time now. The tale of the Galaxy Alpha started back in July when the Galaxy F surfaced into the headlines. Since then pictures of the device and its spec sheet have leaked into the wild. Today a new bit of news is suggesting the Galaxy Alpha’s launch is a lot closer then we think.

The last we’ve heard from the Galaxy Alpha aka the Galaxy F was the device would be scaled down from a plus five inch screen to a smaller screen in an attempt to compete with Apple’s inbound iPhone 6. The details from that same report go on to suggest the Alpha would be announced August 13th and would hit stores before Apple’s next endeavor. Today however new details from SamMobile, a dedicated Samsung site state that the Galaxy Alpha will be announced by Samsung this coming Monday August 4th. Previous rumors have also suggested an early August launch; however a date this soon was not expected! It will be interesting to see how the Alpha positions itself amongst Samsung’s already existing devices. The Alpha is currently expected to ship with Samsung made Exynos processor, 3 GB of RAM a 16 mega pixel camera and is said to be built from a premium metal material. So here’s till Monday!

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