The New iPhone Shows Off For the Rumor Mill


Just like that, the new iPhone rumors are back in full swing! It is surely the season for iPhone rumors and the likes of what the latest device will bring the world just gets keeps getting better and better. The last time Apple released their latest variation of the iPhone, most people who were following the rumor trail were pretty disappointed. So yea, the iPhone 4S had Siri and an excellent new chipset and processor, but the build was the same and no matter how nice it is, that’s boring. Another year with another phone that looks just like its predecessor does not seem to be on the menu this time around. Today, some new details of the iPhone 5 may prove this time around were not getting updated internals and some snazzy new software. The housing of what will most likely be called the New iPhone have hit the internet and our eyes cannot open wide enough.  

Just recently the prospect of a 4 inch iPhone and or iPod touch has been heightened as alleged front panels for next generation iPod have surfaced to the top of the interwebs. Shortly thereafter we get a peeking gander at what you see here. Between uBreakiFix.Com and iFixYouri.Com we have seemingly some of the first leaks of what the next generation iPhone will look like. Surprisingly enough the two separate leaks look awfully familiar and add a bit more mystery to Apple’s end game with this next gen iPhone. The casings show that the next generation iPhone will surely be a bit bigger and fit into that rumored 4 inch sizing as well as hold true to earlier rumors that its housing would be crafted mainly from metal and glass. The pictures also go on to show off the companies much smaller docking connection which has been kicking around rumor mill for a while. Additional details put much larger speaker grills at the bottom of the device alongside a repositioned 3.5 mm headset jack. Additonally it BGR points out that the cutout for the camera sensor seems to be a bit larger. The sources for these leaky parts have also added a bit more fire to the iPhone rumor mill by saying Apple could potentially offer up the New iPhone in more than just black and white color ways, stating that at least two other color options will be available. With the expected announcement of the New iPhone just around the corner and down a few blocks, it will be interesting to see if this design comes into fruition! With last year’s 4 to 4S update it should almost be guaranteed that the next gen iPhone shapes up a bit differently from a hardware perspective. Simply put the iPhone 4S in this build and you will most likely have a few million sold in pre orders. But hopefully we can expect much more from Apple.




Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us now know why you think this is a fake, or even why you believe the hype? I know that we are surely excited to see the next generation iPhone are you? And remember, you can always find the very best in Apple accessories here.

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