The LG Fantasy Gets Leaky, remains fantasy for most

While LG has been busy pumping out some rather impressive Android phones it seems that they may have forgotten their deal with the gaining ground WP7 operating system. Since the company was announced as one of the few official manufacturing partners, the world has only seen the likes of the WP7 LG Quantum.  Amongst talks of LG’s Ice Cream Sandwich plans, a new leak into the river rumor has turned up an LG made WP7 smart phone and it looks nice! The LG Fantasy has been spied, and is not for sale…yet!

Back in July a huge leak of LG’s roadmap made its way to the inter-webs exposing the ‘good intentions’ Prada phone remake and other excellent Android devices like the Victor and Gelato. Included within this Life’s Good leak was the Fantasy, the only Windows based smart phone out of the bunch. Today however the LG Fantasy has been spied and become a reality for at least one end user. The Fantasy surfaced on XDA-Developers where one user claimed to own this unicorn of a device and posted these here pictures as proof. The user stated he purchased the device from a ‘tester’ out of Romania. The new owner/user (not a program) was quoted saying the device is “very nice” and it’s sure hard to disagree with that. He goes on to note that the LG Fantasy has a 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera, 8GB of internal memory, a 4 inch IPS touch screen and a slew of developer based app’s installed that are “annoying” him. After the community hounding him for a bit it was revealed the LG Fantasy scored around an 85.7 on a common benchmark test. This high bench mark scores are leaving most to assume a second generation single core processor is the culprit behind its epic-ness. It has been called, “very responsive”, its screen “very bright” and its “weight very slight”, meaning very light. Additional details found on the spy shots put an 5 mega pixel rear facing shooter in the Fantasy, but seemingly no LED flash. So, does the new LG Fantasy look like your new phone?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new LG Fantasy. But before you go check out all the best in LG accessories toady.

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