The 7” iPad 2 Might be Real


Apple is notoriously secretive with their iOS products before they launch and the iPad 2 is no exception. Rumors have been floating around for over a month now concerning a second iPad form factor. A 7” screen iPad has been the most popular variation. However, Apple dividing its wildly popular iPad market into two different groups (7” and 9.7”) this early in the game is unprecedented. Especially when you consider that each screen size will have two models—one with only Wi-Fi and one with both Wi-Fi and cellular network service from AT&T. That doesn’t seem to worry apple though.

In fact, is claiming that the 7” iPad is very real. Apple has been floating around five plus different prototypes of a possible iPad 2 just to throw off the blogs and gossipers. The word from overseas? The iPad 2, 7” looks like a big iPhone 4.

A big iPhone 4? Not totally unexpected. It is likely that Apple wants to keep the iPad 9.7” a different looking product. That way it can cannibalization net book sales. With a Bluetooth keyboard, the current iPad is a very mean machine. Especially when you toss in the wireless printing that the next iOS version promises to bring.

FaceTime? Expect yes. Apple is almost certain to make the new form factor iPad 7” capable of making FaceTime calls. After all, the iPod touch 4 can do it. With cellular network abilities, the iPad 7” might even be capable of making real phone calls. If Dell can try to do it with an in between tablet/smartphone, why can’t Apple try?

Excited for the new form? Worried Apple will cut the 9.7” model? Thinking about using FaceTime to replace most phone calls? This all nonsense created by zealous bloggers? Let me know in the comments.

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