The iOS 4.1 Jailbreak is Almost Here


Apple’s iOS 4.1 just came out and hackers have almost finished their jailbreak. No surprise there actually. The bootrom exploit that the jailbreakers are utilizing was discovered even before the official iOS 4.1 release.

The new jailbreak is expected to be called ‘GreenPoison’ and will be coming from the Chronic-Dev Team. Excited that iOS 4.1 will be jailbroken so quickly? I sure am. While it has not come out yet, it has been verified to work on the new iPod touch 4, and the iPhone 4. Let the jailbreak times roll.

This news comes on the heels of Cydia’s acquisition of Rock, a rival third party (read jailbreak) app store. Furthermore, I cannot help but keep reiterating the fact that the US Government has declared jailbreaking and unlocking legal. Don’t like what Apple wants to lock you into? There are alternatives now.

While iOS devices are currently the hottest devices for hackers and coders to play with, expect other mobile platforms to get similar treatment. Android unlocks and jailbreaks anyone? (Yeah, I know they exist already, but not with the same furor iOS gets.) Don’t  think that Google is the saint in all of this. It has no problem deleting apps that it does not like right off your device through the air and without your permission.

If you are looking forward to the jailbreaking storm, let me know what jailbreak apps you are looking to get. A little HDR photography on the iPhone 3G and 3GS anyone? How about some VoIP calling over 3G? Or FaceTime over 3G? The carriers are going to eventually have to realize that we don’t care about their over priced calling and messaging plans. What people want are unlimited data plans and the ability to use other service providers for calls and messages. Wait until LTE and 4G speeds roll out nationally. We should start to see some crazy stuff.

Tell me what you think of the soon to be released GreenPoison and if you will be installing. As always, remember to backup before doing any hacking with your iOS device. Then start enjoying your iOS device how you want to—not how Apple wants you to.

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