The HTC Thunderbolt Gets An Update…finally


When you are considering purchasing a new smart phone you should always check how often carriers, and manufacturers update their line ups. While this issue was essentially a plague in early versions of Android, most carriers and manufacturers do their best to keep their flagships up to date. One device that has been put through the ringer in more ways than one is the HTC Thunderbolt. As one of the early LTE models for the mega carrier Verizon the hopes were high for the Thunderbolt. Unfortunately a weak battery, an oddly placed speaker and a lack of update from its handler sent the thunderbolt down the river of fail….but today, maybe, just maybe the Thunderbolt may get a breath of fresh Ice Cream Sandwich.

The HTC Thunderbolt was announced around this time last year. January 6th 2011 to be exact, release in March the smart phone was set to be the crowned king of Android, unfortunately this was not the case. While most of us who are paying attention and those who are using a Thunderbolt may just want to forget the smart phone, fortunately…or unfortunately, Verizon is issuing an update to the smart phone. An update for the HTC Thunderbolt will bring Android version 4.0.4 to your finger tips as well as an update to HTC’s UI Sense to version 3.6. The update will bring your storage space about 380MB of data but it should also improve its ability. The bigger news here however, is Verizon will be removing bloat! Usually when a carrier gets its grubby hands on a smart phone they install application that you most likely don’t need and leave you no way to remove them. With this update, the forced upon you Blockbuster, Rhapsody, Mobile IM and Verizon applications will be magically removed from your app tray. An update that will finally bring your Thunderbolt into 2011.

Any HTC Thunderbolt users still out there? Please sound off below and lets us know what you think and remember if you are still using one, we carry a slew of HTC Thunderbolt accessories that will get your phone through the next few years.

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