The Essential Nokia Lumia 900 Accessories


The Nokia Lumia 900 is an amazing smart phone, you know it, I know it and anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it will know all about it in short order. It comes packing an amazing “ClearBlack” touch screen that measures in at 4.3 inches and packs in enough computing power to run a small country. With an amazing 8 mega pixel camera, the likes of Window Phone 7 and a super speedy 4G LTE connection this is pretty much the last phone you’ll ever need, but only if you take care of it. Luckily for you, we carry all the very best in Nokia Lumia 900 accessories. Let’s check a few out shall we?

When picking up a smart phone like the Nokia Lumia 900, you’ll want to protect your investment and we have all the very best Nokia Lumia 900 accessories you’ll need to insure that your new smart phone is protected. With our excellent selection of Nokia Lumia 900 cases and covers, we can not only ensure your new smart phone is protected, but that it also matches your style. Take this Nokia Lumia Otterbox Defender Series Case for example. Offered in Grey and Yellow this excellent case provides your Lumia with two layers of unprecedented protection. The Otterbox Defender Case starts with an inner polycarbonate plastic snap on protector case that is designed to accept a tough outer silicone skin. It’s finished up with a heavy duty holster belt clip option that also doubles as a kickstand. If you’re searching for a more refined and professional look that will also keep your Lumia safe, check out this perfect Nokia Lumia 900 Book Type Leather case from Monaco. This professional grade case is handmade with high quality genuine cowhide leather, that sports double enforced stitching all the way around the board. The case also features two folio or wallet style pockets on its inner cover for added functionality as well as a belt clip option that can provide a fully rotatable belt clip. So with one of these excellent Nokia Lumia cases your phone would be safe from danger, but never fear as that is only the tip of our Lumia 900 case selection.

Next up, Power! Because having a dead smart phone is like not having a smart phone at all. There will come a time when you’ll need a Nokia Lumia 900 charger and when that time comes, you‘ll be happy you found us. We offer up charging options for any situation you may find yourself in. Check out this Monaco Mobile Phone solar charger for example. This excellent charger can handle both micro and mini USB devices that need some juice in sunny situation. In a pinch this Monaco solar charger could quite literally save your life! But in a more typical situation you may find yourself in need of a good old fashioned Nokia Lumia 900 DC6 car charger. This perfect charger connects to your vehicles power port and gets you the charge you need quick. The coiled cable measure in at about 12 inches, but can be fully stretched to well over five feet. So you’re good for those long road trips, but when the trips over, you’ll need a good old fashioned AC charging adapter and we have many options. Take this Nokia Lumia 900 AC-10U High Efficiency micro USB charger for example. This excellent charger is compact; energy star rated for efficiency and can get you the charge your Lumia needs in a flash. This charger is so efficient it can charge your standard battery to a full charger in 1 to 2 hours at most. The cable on this charger measures in at 6 feet long.

So now you have the essential Nokia Lumia 900 accessories that will allow you to take on the world with just you and your smart phone.  

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