The BlackPad’s OS Might not be BlackBerry or Android

There have been rumors circulating for quite a while now that the coming BlackBerry ‘BlackPad’ Tablet would not be running BlackBerry OS 6. In fact, an allegedly real leaked document claimed that the BlackPad would be running Android OS. However, the most recent rumors claim that the maker of the BlackBerry line of smartphones–Research In Motion (RIM)–will be using its recently acquired QNX Software to make this non-BlackBerry operating system.

So why not BlackBerry OS 6? That’s a very very good question. Speculation tends to converge on the idea that OS 6 still has some legacy code in it. Hopefully if the rumors are true, QNX is working on a UNIX-based platform that will eventually power all BlackBerrys. After all, UNIX-based systems are already Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS. UNIX-based operating systems offer a number of security and stability features that most other operating systems simply cannot deliver.

In the meantime, with two different BlackBerry platforms, how will developers offer compatibility between the two? I’m thinking something along the lines of Apple’s old Rosetta system that allowed Motorola 68k coded programs to run on the PowerPC and PowerPC programs to run on Intel processors when Apple finally switched. With enough processing power and talented programmers, pretty much anything is possible.

While this is all still speculation and rumor, it will be very intersting to see how the BlackPad works out for RIM. Remember, most still believe that to go on the internet, a Bluetooth tether to a BlackBerry smartphone will be required. At least if no Wi-Fi is available. That alone might hurt its prospects as RIM is losing smartphone market share.

Think that QNX is building the BlackPad’s OS? This all just fluff and rumors? Consumers going to be confused by two operating systems? How will developers feel? Lots of questions remain to be answered but I want to know what you think about this. Will a separate BlackPad OS be a godsend or a failure? Shout out and leave a comment.

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