The Blackberry Bold Touch 9930


The revival of the Blackberry seems to be in the batters box ready to go. Recently a expose of the Blackberry Touch surfaced showing a peek of RIM’s 2011 phone line up. However, it looks like the leaks keep coming with a little look-see of the new Blackberry Bold Touch. The Blackberry Bold is one of those models that has that epic staying power and will be refreshed for years to come. The new Blackberry Bold Touch may gain a bit more legacy with this rejuvenation.

A dedicated Blackberry blog N4BB has seemed to find a little gem tucked away in a recently leaked version of Blackberry 6.1. This little gem of course being the five videos below which are tutorial videos on how to use the new OS. The Blackberry 9930 also known as the Bold Touch surfaced recently under the codename Dakota. Within these five videos you will get the chance to take a button tour of the 9930’s hardware, inserting a SIM card, some basic OS functionality along with the ever tricky making a phone call. Hardware wise the new Bold Touch gets back to its roots with its larger more rounded styling, reminiscent of the 9000 version. Almost forgot to mention this was a touch screen. The screen on this bad boy is said to be a 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 640 x 480. As you can see the new Bold Touch also has a full QWERTY keyboard, which Bold users will surely appreciate. The un-official specs on the Blackberry Bold Touch read pretty nicely as well. The Bold Touch will come equipped with 4GB of storage, 768MB of RAM. This new touchy QWERTY will also have a 5 mega pixel camera that can record video in HD. Other details include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hot Spot, NFC and of course Blackberry 6.1.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think of the new Blackberry Bold Touch. If you’re a Curve fan, no worries a new leak of the Blackberry Curve Touch is just around the corner.  Blackberry Bold Touch anyone?

Hardware 9930:


Insert SIM:


Blackberry 6.1 Basics:


Blackberry 6.1 Home Screen:

Making a Call:

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