The Blackberry Android Runtime Layer Slated for a 4.1 Jelly Bean Update

Fun fact! The new Blackberry 10 operating system runs Android applications! If you follow mobile news at all you may here that “Android is in everything” from time to time. While it may seem like an overstatement it is indeed true. From super affordable tablets, to washers, dryers, refrigerators, light bulbs and to top it all off and prove the theory, Android is now in Blackberry! When Blackberry bought up QNX to help them move forward with their mobile platform, it was rumored and heavily debated that the new Blackberry OS would be able to run Android applications. While the prospect seemed so far off, I for one completely forgot about it until the announcement of Blackberry 10 last week. Good news today however, as Blackberry installment of Android applications is indeed set for an update.

Blackberry 10 and its new handsets are seemingly off to a good start. News of solid sales figures out of the UK and today’s Canadian release are setting up the new Blackberry for a good start. During the announcement of Blackberry’s new operating system you may have been taken back by 70k applications in the Blackberry market place. How could they have turned around so many applications in such a small amount of time? The answer…Android. The new Blackberry operating system has a layer of awesome that will allow for Android Runtime. This basically translates into; your Blackberry can run Android applications. Unfortunately the idea, albeit awesome, was built on Android version 2.3 and that isn’t really going over so well. Luckily Blackberry has plans on moving its Android emulator into 2013 but upgrading to Android version 4.1. Engadget has confirmed with the company that the Android layer will indeed get an update to 4.1, unfortunately however no time frame is offered. Hopefully this will happen sooner than later as the Android 2.3 Gingerbread app selection is surely dwindling.

Any Blackberry 10 users out there care to comment on running Android apps? Sound off below and let us know what you think and remember, whether it’s Blackberry or Android we have all the best Mobile phone accessories in one perfect place.

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