No tethering for WP7 when the starting gate opens

Don’t we love the internet? Yes we do. Just recently there has been much commotion or simple reporting if you will of a little bit of information surrounding WP7 devices. Just yesterday in fact the news came to light that WP7 devices would have the ability to tether there data connection, given the carriers compliance. This was according to the Director of Windows Phone 7, Brandon Watson ( no relation to Randy Watson or Sexual Chocolate). The Director made the statement on and it seemingly got taken out of context.

Today in a slew of briefings from the giant in Redmond, let sources know that Mr. Watson unfortunately “mis-spoke” and that “Windows phone 7 does not support tethering.” The idea of tethering from a WP7 device was presumably on the plate, however when looking to actually launch the OS, Microsoft most likely scrapped the feature to use a selling point down the road, somehow Mr. Watson did not get that memo. There is no more information past the simple fact that WP7 will not support tethering out of the gate however, it will most likely be an option in the future. Of course with the same factors that Mr. Watson initially stated which would put the tethering option in the hands of the carriers.

So while WP7 is hard a work trying to pump out this new OS, there is surely a lot of curious end users ripping on the lack of tethering and even the copy and past function. But think about the first iPhone, in comparison to where it is now. Good things take time to create and the best things in life cultivate over time. I’m still interested in WP7 are you?

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