Tethering the Android

A large number of Google Android fans are eagerly awaiting Google’s next operating system for the Android smartphone. Lovingly known as the Froyo, short for frozen yogurt, is the most recent delight hitting smartphones soon. No, we are not talking about a trip to the snack bar but first time users of the Google Android line may find themselves lost with the company’s recent offerings including the cupcake, éclair and even donut.

Google Android fans are already salivating over the Froyo for a number of reasons, their more intriguing offering involving how the device connects to the Internet. One of the more interesting aspects is its tethering feature. It is a feature not unique to the Google OS but with a different twist. With smartphones running on the Android 2.2 OS, users can attach up to 5 different mobile devices to the phone where all devices can successfully connect to the Internet. The difference is that is integrated into the OS.

Another option is that it is capable of creating its own Wi-Fi hotspot. It is another way of connecting several devices to the internet at one time. The difference between this and tethering is that tethering requires the gadgets to be physically connected to the Android device. Verizon Wireless has released the Palm Pre Plus with this feature for free.

Only a few devices exist that currently offer either one of these two features. With Google smartphones running on the Froyo Android 2.2 OS, it will allow a greater number of users to connect to the Internet. With running the Android 2.2 OS, smartphone users need not have a separate plan for each mobile device to connect to the Internet. This should change the way telecom carriers provide service plans as their current way of doing business is by letting consumers purchase a new plan for each device. With the Froyo on the way, telecom carriers need to act fast before they lose more consumers.

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