Take a walk Through the Samsung Galaxy Tab

We have all been waiting on the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab looks good sounds, good but is it good enough to pick up. Most of us would need to go hands on with a device of that nature before making a descision. The Galaxy Tab is slated to hit the market soon, and Samsung has take a good 9 minutes out of there hectic schedule to show off the Galaxy Tab in action. Albeit a slow and drawn out video it doe a good job showing off the tablets features.

The official video published by Samsung is surely a little drawn out, but shows off some details that were not necessarily exposed up until this point. Mainly the Samsung Media Hub, other features show that standard apps like the calendar, email and contacts are optimized for the Galaxy Tab’s 7 inch screen. Check out the video below, it is the first of its kind and a part of the description states “contains a demonstration of every key feature”. The description also states that the video should answer pretty much any questions regarding the Galaxy Tabs abilities. Unfortunately however still no word on pricing.

Highly anticipated? Sure. Completely useful? Yes. iPad replacement? Probably not. Tell us what you think of the video. Personally I think the tablet looks good. However, I’m not sure I will run out and buy one to quickly, only due to some of its limitations in regard to 2.2, Gingerbread and the Marketplace.  Let us know what you think of the Galaxy Tab. Are you going to pick one up?

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