ZTE Launches the Blade III Pro and Blade C

ZTE Blade III Pro

  ZTE launches the Blade C and Blade III Pro. Ah, another set of ZTE smart phones! The last we heard from ZTE was the announcement of the ZTE Director which has comfortably made its home with US Cellular. Shortly before the Directors launch the Intel Powered Geek, and previous to that the Boost Force. Today ...

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The ZTE Director Sets up the Scenes At US Cellular


The ZTE Director set to call the shots with US Cellular! ZTE may not be a household name at this point, but give it some time! The company is known for producing handsets for carriers that make no mention of ZTE and use their own name in place of the manufacturer as if the handset ...

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The Intel Powered ZTE Geek Shows off for the Press


  The ZTE gives its Geek Intel Atom power with a hint of Androids Jelly Bean! ZTE has been pumping out mid range and flagship phones for a while now. Most recently the ZTE Quantum was said to be heading to Sprint while the ZTE Force has made its way to Boost Mobile as well as ...

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The ZTE Quantum Headed to the Now Network?


    The ZTE Quantum makes its way to Sprint! It looks like the carrier will team up with the manufacturer again to produce some awesome! Most recently the pairing put forth the ZTE Sprint Force. The Force while a solid smart phone is a mid range device that offers its self up for a rather affordable ...

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The ZTE Force Appears on Internal Now Network Documents


The ZTE Force LTE set to bring affordable LTE awesomeness to the palms of Now Network subscribers. ZTE and the yellow clad carrier Sprint are buddies! The two team up all the time to bring affordable handsets and tablets to the masses and it looks like we have a bit of insight on a new ...

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The ZTE Blade III Continues its Trek across the Globe Landing in the UK today

From one end of the ZTE spectrum to the other, the ZTE Blade III makes its way to the UK. While most of the time high end flagships get all the attention while the smaller, mid and entry level handsets do all the work keeping companies alive! The last we heard from ZTE the anticipation ...

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ZTE 5.7 Inch Grand Memo To Debut At MWC?

      Are you amused by oversized smartphone? Well it looks like there’s no end in sight! It may be hard to pin point the exact model that brought the oversized smartphone idea into existence, (streak 7?) it’s pretty easy to see who and what made it popular. Thanks Samsung. Since the Note and Note II have ...

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The ZTE Blade C Announced and Ready For Action

While today may be all about Blackberry, that can’t stop, won’t stop the Android wave. As Android continues to control the majority of the smart phone market it is partially due to the lower end of the market. Android runs the gambit from the super phones like the Note II to the lower end base ...

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The ZTE Grand S Becomes Official

    As the floor opens at CES details on goodies come to light. As companies show off their latest wares, it looks like ZTE has moved into the light. In the last few months rumors, leaks and small details about ZTE’s handheld future have leaked out onto the interwebs and while most of the details were ...

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The ZTE Grand X Gets Dressed Up in Magenta

    As the holidays approach we normally see a lack of new hardware making its way into the news. With CES just around the corner though, it seems that ZTE is making a pre conference approach to a few of its new handsets. Earlier this week one of the manufactures phablet aspirations known as the ZTE ...

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The ZTE Grand S Gets Ready for the Big Show

  The year of the phablet! With the help from Samsung 2012 has proved to be the year of the phablet and as the sands of grains pass though the hour glass, it seems that the niche will not let up! All the oversized smart phones! ZTE has steadily been pumping out solid mid range handsets ...

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The ZTE Avid 4G Finds a Home

ZTE and Metro PCS are a match made is awesome! When combine Metro’s amazingly affordable plans with ZTE hardware you’re left with some of the best smart phone deals anywhere. Recently the carrier launched and the manufacture teamed up to launch the ZTE Anthem 4G, a solid mid range contender with affordability and connectivity on ...

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The ZTE Flash Set to Launch November 11th At Affordable Price Point?

 When carriers and manufacturers compete for your business, we all win! Sprint and ZTE have teamed up in the past launching various handsets ranging in capabilities. The companies announced a super affordable Optik tablet early in the year and also added the entry level ZTE Fury to the lineup. Now, however it is time that ...

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The ZTE Anthem 4G Is Official

Metro PCS is a well known carrier here in the states that offer up amazing connectivity for a rather affordable price tag. The best part about the carrier however, in our humble opinion is their options. They don’t limit your phone options to a few flagships. There are many amazingly powerful and affordable devices within ...

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ZTE Flash Leaks Suggest a Launch on the Now Network

    If a company makes an amazing smart phone with all the high end specs you can dream of, but no one hears them roar, would you still be interested? ZTE has been making awesome consumer electronics for a long time now and more recently they have been taking there interest in the American smart phone ...

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