Google’s next Nexus Prime gets a few more unconfirmed detail leaks

About two weeks ago rumors of a new Nexus device started surfacing on the interwebs thanks to the guys over at BGR. While the news was seemingly out of nowhere it piqued our interest as well as left a bit of skepticism as an after taste. The Nexus 4G as it was being dubbed could ...

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Samsung and Sprint’s Conquer 4G Takes over the Entry Level Sector with 4G and high(er)end specs

The low to mid end smart phones are jumping in specs and the world better be ready. Do you envision a smart phone future? Well you should. That whole post PC era can be seen in swing with the likes of the recently launched Motorola Triumph for the prepaid sector and now this Conquer 4G ...

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Sprint’s 4G Network Goes Live in San Francisco, AT&T Turns to Wi-Fi

Now we just need "your brain on 4G" commercials to warn us of the dangers of excessive Facebook, Youtube and Twitter usage.

Sprint flipped the on switch to its 4G network in four California cities today: San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto and San Jose. Meanwhile, AT&T is taking a much different path to ease network congestion on its 3G network—it’s increasing its Wi-Fi network coverage to get more users off of its cellular network in busy metro ...

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Expected January 9th Launch Date for the HTC EVO Shift 4G from Sprint

Leaked image of the HTC A7373 or EVO Shift 4G from Sprint

Sprint’s coming EVO Shift 4G from HTC might start selling as soon as January 9th. BGR reported in October that this device would probably start selling around the 6th of January since an accessory case was spotted in a leaked Sprint document and its release date was this. Now that a leaked picture of the ...

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Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Becomes Official—December 5th Launch

Verizon Wireless will be officially launching its 4G network on December 5th. Verizon’s 4G network is dubbed ‘LTE’ (long term evolution) and uses different technology than both T-Mobile (HSPA+) and Sprint (WiMax). Both T-Mobile and Sprint’s wireless data technologies are demonstrating around the same speeds right now (about 10x faster than realistic 3G on a ...

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Sprint offers up Free Lunch with Your 4G in LA on Cyber Monday

Sprint is trying to keep its 4G momentum going and has just announced that it will offer free lunch in Los Angeles and Orange County to kick off Cyber Monday. The free lunches will be provided through lunch trucks—Larden, NomNom, Dan Dan BBQ and Louks Greek Gourment—from 11AM to 2PM. Don’t worry, I’ve got how ...

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Not So Fast T-Mobile, Sprint Claims It Has the Only National 4G Network

  Sprint is shooting back at T-Mobile’s claims regarding who has the largest national 4G network with a video series highlighting its own WiMAX 4G network. I think the 4G war just started rolling along a little faster. T-Mobile already took a shot at AT&T’s network and the iPhone 4 in a commercial that stresses how ...

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What is the EVO Shift 4G from HTC?

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has just filed for trademarks for “HTC EVO Shift 4G” and “HTC EVO 4G Shift” in the US. As you are probably aware, HTC makes the EVO 4G smartphone for Sprint. However, the company also makes the HTC Shift (an ultra portable that dual-boots Windows and HTC’s SnapVUE PDA OS) so this might mean HTC wants to merge the two into some type of hybrid device. We can certainly hope so can’t we?

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4G on iOS for Cheap

Clear has just released a complimentary product for your iOS-powered devices that gives them the power of mobile 4G WiMax network speeds. How does it do it? By offering a mobile hotspot that only lets iPhones, iPod touches and iPads onto the Wi-Fi network it produces. Called the iSpot, it only costs $25 a month ...

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T-Mobile covers 85 Million Americans with 4G speeds under HSPA+ technology

In the news recently is T-Mobile, the fourth largest carrier on US soil. The company has come under some scrutiny lately as its competitors are pushing for official 4G technology to be implemented within the next few months. But T-Mobile has not made a 4G announcement, so what gives? HSPA+ that’s what. In the world of ...

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