Google Voice App Finally Arrives on Apple’s iPod touch and iPad

Google Voice iOS app screenshot

Google’s Google Voice app was released back in November for the iPhone but Apple’s two other iOS devices—the iPod touch and the iPad—didn’t get the app. In a strange twist, Google released an iPhone only version. The company has fixed that however, and is now offering the app for the iPod touch and the iPad ...

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Even Sprint Has an iPhone—Kinda

  Sprint wants in on the iPhone hoopla and has done the best that it can under the circumstances—the ZTE Peel case that goes on sale November 14th  can turn your iPod touch into an iPhone of sorts. The Peel works as an case that you put your iPod touch 2nd or 3rd generation into (the ...

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Skype Not Charging for 3G Use

Skype has dropped its plans to charge iPhone users a fee for use of its popular VoIP client over 3G. Combine the news with the fact that iOS 4 lets you multitask, and you have something that is sure to put a big smile on the faces of anyone who uses the program. Today Skype ...

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