Virgin Mobile Announces a HTC Desire


Virgin Mobile announces the HTC Desire 601 as simply, the HTC Desire! Oh, the HTC Desire! The Desire is one of those phones that continuously offer up a solid HTC and Android experience in an awesome little profile. Since the dawn of the first desire the legions of committed fans have stayed strong using the ...

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Virgin Mobile Announces the ZTE Made Supreme


The ZTE made Virgin Mobile Supreme becomes a new affordable option for the carrier! If you couldn’t tell it is currently that time of the year. It’s the time of the year when manufacturers announce their new devices and carriers eagerly wait to get them on their shelves. It’s back to school season which normally ...

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Virgin Mobile Announces the ZTE Awe


  Virgin Mobile launches the ZTE Awe. In this world of amazingly large smart phones with over powered CPU’s and batteries that could power a diesel truck it is good to know that sometimes, we can be awe-inspired by the little, more efficient devices. ZTE and Virgin mobile are long time buddies that have produced quite ...

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Virgin Mobile Launches the Waterproof ZTE Reef


  The water proof ZTE Reef washes to the shores of Virgin Mobile. As our love for mobile gadgets grows we begin to find ourselves with nicer and nicer hardware that is very fragile. While no one is quite sure where it all started, smart phone manufacturers are doing what they can to help us keep ...

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The Google Nexus 4 Makes its Way To Virgin Mobile Canada


The LG made Google Nexus 4 makes its way to Virgin Mobile Canada. The  Google Nexus 4 is quite possibly the best smart phone you can buy. It offers up an amazing set of specs in a beautifully slim build with the power of vanilla Android at the helm and a super low price point. ...

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The ZTE Blade III Continues its Trek across the Globe Landing in the UK today

From one end of the ZTE spectrum to the other, the ZTE Blade III makes its way to the UK. While most of the time high end flagships get all the attention while the smaller, mid and entry level handsets do all the work keeping companies alive! The last we heard from ZTE the anticipation ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Reverb Bounces its way to Virgin Mobile

  If there is one thing to say about Samsung, they know how to milk cow. In this case the cow is made of silicone, LCD’s and cash. The Galaxy line for Samsung has been a hit and millions of end users are happy with their smart phone. Of course the galaxy is vast and the ...

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A New Sprint Messenger The Samsung Array

Who says the dumb phone is dead? Not Samsung or any carrier in their right mind for that matter. This new morning brings us one step closer to another Sprint ready handset option. Its all about the options folks! While Samsung is busy pumping out Galaxy Tabs, and Galaxy S’s you’d think they would have ...

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The Kyocera Rise Looks Set Launch on Sprint and Virgin Mobile

The Kyocera Rise and Hydro are mid range devices that fill a void left for the most part un-tapped and damp with mediocrity. The two handsets were announced and shown off at CTIA earlier this year, but had no carrier connection. The Hydro as you may remember has made its way to the likes of ...

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Virgin Mobile Offers Up the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the HTC One V

  Sir Richard Branson and his infamous Sprint owned Virgin Mobile carrier has just upped the standard for pre-paid carriers across the board. Virgin Mobile is well known for offering up excellent pre-paid wireless service at super affordable prices and the handset offerings have just been improved triple fold! Sprint got themselves into a bit of ...

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Virgin Mobile Expands Pre Paid options with payLo

Many of you may know of the Virgin Empire that ranges from record sales to airliners as well as pre paid wireless subscriptions. Virgin Mobile is one of the industry’s most popular pre paid mobile companies; the name has almost become synonymous with pre paid service as the likes of Boost Mobile. When you think ...

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