The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Becomes Official WorldWide This Month

  The Samsung Galaxy Note! The Galaxy Note took to the streets with a huge burden to overcome. It’s large. Large to a point of ridiculousness, large to a point that most mobile editors and writers, could not help but laugh at this smart phones potential in any market. After a good 5 million plus sold, ...

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The LG Lucid Becomes a Beacon of Affordable Clarity for Users looking for 4G LTE

Late last month LG took to the streets of MWC and announced its latest and greatest device with the LG Optimus VU. This super sized, ultra powerful smart phone was set to compete with the likes of the Galaxy Note. Unfortunately, LG really didn’t show off anything else. Today, a few weeks after the world ...

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FaceTime Over 3G

Video calling over 3G networks has finally become a reality, thanks to jailbreaking. Since a jailbreak is already out for the iPhone 4 and the government has agreed that jailbreaking cellular phones is legal, the adventurous can now do what they have wanted to since they first saw the camera on the front. This might result ...

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The BlackBerry ‘BlackPad’ Tablet Might Appear in November

The BlackBerry Tablet has gotten confirmation from two unnamed sources and a rumored launch date of sometime in November. First reported by Bloomberg, the usual “people familiar with the company’s plans” provided the information. Apparently, the new tablet is going to be called the ‘BlackPad.’ A few previously reported rumors were also reaffirmed, including the ...

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Apple Moving Quickly into the Corporate World

Apple is making amazingly quick headway into businesses with its iPhones and iPads. Just how quick? According to Electronista, approximately 50% of Fortune 100 companies either use or are testing the iPad for corporate use. Another 80% of the Fortune 100 is using or adopting the iPhone. That blow your mind? 60% of the entire ...

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Consumers May Skip Apple’s iPhone 4 for the Coming iPod Touch 4

Apple puts features from its most recent iPhone launches into later in the year updates to the iPod touch series for a reason, but this time some consumers might decide to skip over the wildly popular smartphone and wait instead for the beefy smart-music player.

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