The ZTE Director Sets up the Scenes At US Cellular


The ZTE Director set to call the shots with US Cellular! ZTE may not be a household name at this point, but give it some time! The company is known for producing handsets for carriers that make no mention of ZTE and use their own name in place of the manufacturer as if the handset ...

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The HTC One M7 Appears In Press Renderings….Again!


Another HTC One press shot leaks into the wild. A new picture of the HTC One aka M7 has leaked into the wild and made its way to the headlines….again. HTC has a press event that is slated for the 19th and this awesome new handset is (better) expected to be announced there. In a ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Axiom Enters the US Cellular Fold

  The Samsung Galaxy train is still full steam ahead and shows no immediate signs of slowing. The Galaxy devices that Samsung have brought to prominence started with their flagship series devices and took off from there. In the past few years we have seen the Galaxy name apply to many devices ranging from the high ...

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The LG Optimus G Super Phone Launches in Korea, Leaves Plans for World Dominance Un-Told

  A new LG phone has launched today in Seoul and has proven once again that the specs race cannot be won! LG has made good on their plans to launch their latest flagship device within the lovely month of September and the LG Optimus G is born. The LG Optimus G has been leaked and ...

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The LG Optimus VU Inches Closer To its American Debut

  Ah, the elusive “phablet”. Initially Dell took to the market place with a “smartphone” that measured in at 5 plus inches and unfortunately for the company, the idea didn’t really take off. While the speed was there, the conditions seemed right the oversized Streak just could not get lift off. Fast forward a year or ...

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A Verizon Branded LG Optimus VU Appears In the Wild

Another high powered LG device looks to be making its way to the likes of Verizon’s loving arms. Last week some not so blurry pictures of what looks to be the carriers very own LG Optimus LTE II showed up on the front page of the interwebs bearing all.  The device is a super powered ...

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The Samsung Galaxy S III Coming To America’s Top Five Carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S III is on its way to the American carriers and just like that the ante has been upped. The Samsung Galaxy S III is the latest in Galaxy S devices and is surely the best to date. The Galaxy S III was officially announced early last month to much fan fare. ...

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BlackBerry Passes iOS in the US for Internet Use

Research In Motion's headquarters

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has followed up its acquisition of QNX Software Systems earlier this years with its just announced purchase of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT). TAT specializes in building user interfaces (UI) for smartphones and embedded systems. I’ve got some video of one of TAT’s UIs too and an overview of what ...

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