BlackBerry Desktop Manager Updated for Windows and Macintosh

Research In Motion's headquarters

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Desktop Software has received updates for both the Windows and Macintosh versions. The Mac version is now at 2.0 and the Windows version is 6.0.1 B21. I’ve got the rundown on what each of the new versions do. BB Desktop Software 6.0.1 B21 for Windows: Encryptions of backups are far more secure BES synchronization ...

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Rumor: Current Palm Pre and Pixi Models to Receive HP webOS 2.1 Update

The Palm Pre 2 already has HP webOS 2.0 but older Palms might skip right to webOS 2.1.

Long suffering Palm users have been promised the update to webOS 2.0 by Palm to arrive by the end of 2010. While it technically has happened—in the form of the release of the Palm Pre 2—owners of pre-Pre 2 smart phones are stuck waiting for the update for their devices and have been fed the ...

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Microsoft Releasing Second Windows Phone 7 Update in February

Windows Phone 7 logo with WP7 device screenshot

Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 operating system is a solid improvement over the company's past attempts to translate its overwhelming success in computer operating systems to smart phones. However, WP7 is not without its shortcomings. Most notably, the 'copy & paste' feature is absent in the first version. Microsoft will fix this glaring feature omission ...

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Apple’s iOS 4.2 Improves Battery Performance and Eases Network Congestion

AT&T might be breathing a sigh of relief—Apple’s new iOS 4.2 update (technically 4.2.1) actually improves battery performance and reduces the work load on carriers’ cellular networks. The technology implemented in iOS now is called “Network Controlled Fast Dormancy” which is cell phone talk for a system that keeps the phone’s cellular radio in a ...

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New BlackBerry OS Update for the Storm 2 and Leaked BB Desktop Manager

Verizon Wireless is trying to spread some Thanksgiving holiday cheer in the form of an official Storm2 update that hit the internet today. No, it’s not BlackBerry OS 6. It’s BB OS A new, leaked version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager has also hit the internet and brings some new features. The Storm 2 has not ...

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Apple Could Release iOS 4.3 Update in December

Apple might have plans to release its iOS 4.3 update as early as December. At least that’s what the rumors are saying. The iOS 4.2 update was delayed until this past Monday and turned out to actually be version 4.2.1. If iOS 4.3 does launch in December, the rapid update could coincide with the release ...

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iOS 4.2 Update Includes More than 80 Security Fixes, Jailbreak Here

Apple’s new iOS 4.2 update might fix more than 80 security holes in iOS but jailbreakers haven’t even blinked. In fact, Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 is already ready to jailbreak your iOS device. Unfortunately, the iPad is not yet supported for this one. Also, to clear up any confusion, iOS 4.2 is technically version 4.2.1. Details on ...

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iOS 4.2 Is Finally Here!

Apple finally released version 4.2 of iOS today and everything you wanted or expected in the update is there. AirPlay is finally here and the iPad finally can multitask. More details after the jump. Now that iOS 4.2 has been released, iPad and iPhone/iPod touch users are finally running the same operating system. iOS users should ...

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Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ Is Almost Here and Google Is Updating Android Market

With the release of Android OS version 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ just around the corner, Google has been getting ready. Changes to Google apps on some devices have already got some slight tweaks and now Google is revamping its Android Market. The Android operating system has seen its number of available apps explode to the 100,000 range ...

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iOS 4.2 and the Coming 4.2.1 Update Already Jailbroken

No need to worry jailbreakers, the coming iOS 4.2 update has already been jailbroken. Worried that the new 4.2.1 version of iOS is up on Apple’s website for developers ahead of the launch of 4.2 is a bad sign? No worries there either. The hack implemented in GreenPosion and the rest of the jailbreaking tools ...

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Apple Is Jumping Straight to iOS 4.2.1

  Apple said that it would release iOS 4.2 to the world this month and plenty of rumors and ‘insider’ tips have given us nearly as many release dates for it as there are days in the month. Guess what? Apple now has just released iOS 4.2.1 GM to developers. The GM stands for golden master, ...

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Facebook App Goes Version 3.2.2 for iPhone

Android and BlackBerry have both gotten updates for their Facebook apps so it is only natural that the iPhone received Facebook version 3.2.2 today. Don’t worry, it’s not just the iPhone that has the update, so does the iPod touch and the iPad. So what is new? The user interface has gotten a bit of an ...

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iPhone Rumors Rundown: iOS 4.2 and the Verizon iPhone

No iOS 4.2 release yet despite the nearly constant stream of rumors concerning its launch this month. Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated that the update would come out in November and while the final beta build has gone out to developers to test with their apps, it still has not seen the light of day. ...

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Apple iOS 4.2 Delayed until November 24th?

  No iOS 4.2 update today. Disappointed huh? A “reliable source” has told the Telegraph that Apple is delaying the launch of the updated operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad until November 24th. This is at least the second delay for the launch of one of the most anticipated Apple iOS updates in history. ...

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Newer EVO 4G Owners Getting OTA Bug Fix for Front Facing Camera

Ignore the following if you bought your Evo 4G a while ago but pay attention if you recently picked up one of HTC’s EVO 4G flagship smartphones. Sprint is releasing an over-the-air (OTA) software update for newer EVO 4Gs to fix problems with its front facing camera. If your Evo 4G has firmware 3.29.651.5, Sprint ...

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