The Verizon Bound Lumia 929 Smiles for the Camera


The Nokia Lumia 929 leaks with real pictures and a new full spec sheet. The Nokia Lumia 929 has been leaking around the interwebs for a while now. The device was once known as the Bandit and subsequently launched as the Lumia 1520. Recently leaked details point to the 1520 becoming bastardized when moving to ...

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Sony’s Xperia C670X Super Phone Spec’s Leak


Sony’s Xperia C670X specs leak! In the last few weeks we have seen many awesome new handsets birthed into this crazy mixed up world. Today new details of an unknown Xperia phone have surfaced into the light and prove that Sony has been holding back some awesomeness since CES. While the handset is unofficial and ...

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The Blackberry Touch Monaco/Monza comes into the light – Just don’t call it a Storm 3

It’s been awhile since news of the some new Blackberry hardware has surfaced. Yea the Playbook has been in the news lately, but I’m talking about phones. I’m talking about super smart phones that make your eyes light up with the idea of having mobile computing in your pocket. The code named Blackberry Monaco has ...

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