Nokia Lumia 929 Faces Additional Launch Delays


The Nokia Lumia 929 aka Icon faces more setbacks and a delayed release? Ahh, the Lumia 929. For the last three months or so the Nokia Lumia 929 has been leaking into headlines. Every time the device hits the wire, we think to ourselves… hasn’t this phone launched already! The answer is, it has not ...

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Three Variations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 All But Confirmed for MWC Launch

Anyone interested in a Galaxy Note 8.0? Well, get ready as it’s on the way! Samsung, while we love their products has seemingly been on the tar and feathers routine when it comes to tablets. Not that we mind so many options, it just seems that figuring out what size tablet works best for the ...

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The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q One Step Closer to Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze originally showed up to the market place back in March of this year. Luckily for anyone interested, the Blaze is seemingly getting a Q make over. Back in July a variation of the wildly popular Galaxy S Blaze showed its face on the interwebs, thanks to an unnamed Mr. Blurrycam. ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Reverb SPH-M950 Leaks In Sprint’s Direction

New Sprint model handsets have been showing up on the internet a lot lately.  The merry month of May showed us a Sprint bound LG Eclipse 4G LTE LS970 as well as the QWERTY toting LG LS860 Cayenne. Of course more recently Sprint has also launched the likes of the HTC EVO 4G LTE as ...

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A new Breed of myTouch Devices Ready for the Masses


Another year, another set of T-Mobile myTouch smart phones. The myTouch torch has been passed again this year, from LG to Huawei. Huawei will be taking the reins on this year’s myTouch following a long legacy that started at HTC. Rumors of a Huawei made myTouch have been circulation the web-o-sphere for some time now, ...

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RIM Thought Apple Exaggerated the iPhone, Still Trying to Play Catch-up

Research In Motion's headquarters

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion was completely caught off guard by Apple’s iPhone in 2007 according to a story run by Electronista. The website cites an unnamed, alleged former RIM employee by the handle ‘Kentor’ who supposedly worked at the company during the launch of the first iPhone and posted their view of how things ...

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