Motorola’s Moto G Spec’s Leak Out A Day Before Launch


The next generation Moto, Moto G gets is spec sheet leaked just one day before its official announcement. Back in August Motorola announced their first handset as a new Google company. The Moto X. The Moto X in some ways revolutionized the smart phone market by allowing customers the chance to custom order their device ...

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LG Announces the Missing L: Meet the Optimus L4 II

LG Optimus L4 II

    LG’s Optimus L4 II becomes official! LG has announced some awesome smart phones over the years and just like any of their competitors, filling in the mid range with awesome is surely apart of the plan. Way back in February details of LG’s Optimus L series II handsets emerged into the realm of official. The ...

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The Blackberry Q10 Set to Begin Its World Tour


The Blackberry Q10 gets one step closer to a US release. Way back in January Blackberry took to the streets to announce their brand new, long time coming QNX based operating system, Blackberry 10. Luckily for long time Blackberry fans, the long awaited operating system came into this world running on two new handsets, the ...

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HTC One SV Heads to the UK

  Branding in mobile market is invaluable. With the right brand you can sell water to a whale! Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but look at the plethora of Galaxies that have invaded our space in the past few years, or put an i in front of anything and you can sell it for a premium! ...

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The Sony Xperia U Makes Its Way to Availability in the UK

  At the Mobile World Conference this year Sony was freshly single after a long and seemingly excellent relationship with partner in crime Ericsson. Sony did not waste much time in showing off their future, sans the Ericsson branding. Building on the well established Xperia NXT series devices Sony announced the Xperia P and Xperia U ...

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The latest Blackberry Curve 9320 Briefly Surfaces for its Headshot

It is not every day that you hear exciting news coming from the Blackberry maker RIM. In the past few years it seems that the original smart phone manufacturer has been playing catch up with it competitors. Some who have an opinion blame the operating system or the bland hardware designs. Others point the finger ...

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Manufacturer Roadmap Puts Curve 9300 Release in August for the UK

I mentioned yesterday that the FCC had already gotten its hands on Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) new BlackBerry Curve 9300 “Kepler,” meaning that its release date is just around the corner. (Read here.) Things get even better. BlackBerryRocks is claiming that a leaked manufacturer roadmap—not unlike the one proposed by RBC analyst Mike Abramsky ...

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