Sony Set to Up the Smart Phone camera with the Xperia i1 Honami


Sony is set to introduce the camera centric Xperia i1 Honami. The camera’s on smart phones have become increasingly more powerful year after year. Every other season of smart phones the mega pixel race steps up a few notches. This year of two thousand and thirteen has specifically seen an influx of awesome phone based ...

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The Intel Powered ZTE Geek Shows off for the Press


  The ZTE gives its Geek Intel Atom power with a hint of Androids Jelly Bean! ZTE has been pumping out mid range and flagship phones for a while now. Most recently the ZTE Quantum was said to be heading to Sprint while the ZTE Force has made its way to Boost Mobile as well as ...

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Samsungs Latest Galaxy Note 8.0 Set to Hit US Shores April 11th


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is set to arrive stateside on April 11th! Good news everyone, Samsung is making their Note 8.0 a reality! The Samsung Note has been through a few different variations. Starting with the original smart phone version and slowly moving up the ranks into a 10.1 inch variation, on to a ...

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The HTC One M7 Appears In Press Renderings….Again!


Another HTC One press shot leaks into the wild. A new picture of the HTC One aka M7 has leaked into the wild and made its way to the headlines….again. HTC has a press event that is slated for the 19th and this awesome new handset is (better) expected to be announced there. In a ...

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LG’s Optimus L Series Devices To See Upgrades Across the Board


LG is set to update their Optimus L series handsets across the board. LG has their Optimus line, HTC the One series, and Samsung with the Galaxies, but as different as they are, they all have one thing in common! A suspected update at MWC. Every year the weeks leading up to MWC provide the ...

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The Wikipad 7 Brings Controlled Gaming To a 7 inch Tablet for just $249!

  Boots are made for walking, and the Wikipad is made for gaming! Game centric tablets are a thing, not an everywhere thing, at least not yet. If Wikipad has anything to do with it, the portable gaming market will make its future in tablets. In the past there have been a few game centric Android ...

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Samsung’s Luxurious SCH-W2013 is a Dual Touch Screen Flip Smart Phone

  Touch screens have brought electronics a long way and mobile phones, as well as tablets have reaped the majority of their benefits. We are slowly seeing touch screens make their way into our desktops, as well as find themselves in our daily lives with the likes of vending machines, ATM machines and so much more. As ...

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HTC Deluxe Leaks Shows its Droid DNA

Do you remember the launch of the HTC Droid DNA last week? If you said yes, you’re more than likely familiar with the rumors surrounding the device leading up to its official Verizon side launch. The Droid DNA is HTC submission into the world of oversized smart phones, otherwise known as phablets. In a world ...

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The Pantech Vega R3 Adds Another Oversized SmartPhone to the Phablet Niche

  The rise of the oversized smart phone, also known as the phablet is seemingly in full swing. In recent history Dell was one of the first companies to offer up an amazingly large smart phone. Unfortunately for the manufacturer their idea didn’t quite take off, that is until Samsung took a stab at the market. ...

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The ZTE Anthem 4G Is Official

Metro PCS is a well known carrier here in the states that offer up amazing connectivity for a rather affordable price tag. The best part about the carrier however, in our humble opinion is their options. They don’t limit your phone options to a few flagships. There are many amazingly powerful and affordable devices within ...

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The LG Optimus G Super Phone Launches in Korea, Leaves Plans for World Dominance Un-Told

  A new LG phone has launched today in Seoul and has proven once again that the specs race cannot be won! LG has made good on their plans to launch their latest flagship device within the lovely month of September and the LG Optimus G is born. The LG Optimus G has been leaked and ...

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The Motorola Droid M Gets Real and Affordable

The Motorola RAZR line up of phones is synonymous with the word cell phone. The original RAZR took the market by storm when its super slim flipper style build was made readily available to the masses. Shortly after the success of the original RAZR, a whole family of RAZR devices began sprouting up. After a ...

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The New Droid RAZR MAXX HD Ready for Holiday Release

  Motorola is quite possibly the most well know cell phone manufacturer to date. Poised as the inventors of the mobile phone, Motorola has pumped out some amazing handset in its time and the new Android RAZR series devices are no different. From a long line of amazing razor thin devices comes the latest in Android ...

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The Huawei Ascend G600 Set To Scale Select Markets Next Month

So many new phones and so little time! IFA is underway and electronics manufacturers from across the globe have descended on Berlin to show off the latest advancements in their wares. The latest in everything from PC’s to TV’s and of course our favorite, smart phones are on display for the world to see. Some ...

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The LG Optimus VU Inches Closer To its American Debut

  Ah, the elusive “phablet”. Initially Dell took to the market place with a “smartphone” that measured in at 5 plus inches and unfortunately for the company, the idea didn’t really take off. While the speed was there, the conditions seemed right the oversized Streak just could not get lift off. Fast forward a year or ...

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