Vertu Launches its Second Android the Constellation


Vertu announces a new leather bound Android based Constellation smart phone! The Vertu brand is not as well known as one may expect. The company prides itself on manufacturing amazingly high end hardware. We’re talking gadgets that put Apple’s price mark up to shame! Back in 2012 as Nokia shuffled some of their things around, ...

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The Vertu TI Android Phone Becomes Official at $9600


The Vertu TI Android phone becomes a reality. If luxury in the mobile space had an ambassador, it would most likely be a Vertu phone. Vertu takes the bland and rather boring mobile designs and adds a level of quality that most of us simply cannot afford. As Nokia underwent a shift in their ranks ...

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The Samsung Galaxy S III Alpha to Release In Japan

  The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced in May and released in international markets later that month. In the short months it has been lurking around as a carrier option is has seemingly taken over the world. The Galaxy S III for American markets has been around since June and all markets together sold around ...

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Motorola XPRT and Titanium Business Class Androids are Headed to Sprint

Motorola's  Droid Pro released about 7 months ago to Verizon’s big red network and it’s been lonely their ever since. The Droid Pro is a business class portrait styled candy bar device with a familiar Blackberry QWERTY and accessible touch screen. The Droid Pro makes its business friends with a touch of heightened security not ...

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