The LG L90 makes its way to Virgin and Boost Mobile as the LG Volt


The LG Optimus L90 launched with Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile as the LG Volt! The LG Optimus line up comes in many shapes and sizes. From one end of the user spectrum to the other, there is an Optimus for you! The high end of the Optimus line up however has been replaced with ...

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The Kyocera Verve Is a New QWERTY Slider Feature Phone Headed to Sprint, Boost and Virgin


The Kyocera Verve makes its way onto the shelves of Sprint, Boost and Virgin! In the land of milk and honey we are surrounded by amazingly powerful smart phones. Solid aluminum devices like the almighty HTC One and software packed handsets like the GS5 and of course lest not we forget the iPhones! But as ...

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The LG F90 Headed to the Now Network as the Volt LS740?


The LG F90 will make its way to Sprint as the LG Volt. Earlier this week at MWC LG took the wraps off the F90 and F70 handsets and today some new details surrounding the F90’s future name and carrier have come into the light. LG has been on roll lately pumping out some rather ...

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Internal Sprint Document All But Confirms the Red LG Nexus 5 Launch Date


The LG Nexus 5 to be offered up in red? The LG made Nexus 5 is indeed an awesome phone! The Nexus 5 was released back in October of last year and has been a rather successful device. Google has recently gone on record referencing the Nexus 5, Chromecast and the Nexus 7 as devices ...

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ZTE’s Optik 2 Launches with the Now Network


ZTE and Sprint launch the Optik 2 tablet! Tablets have become a staple in our now connected lives. We rely on tablets to keep us in the loop and entertained for hours on end. Since the glaring popularity and new market created by the iPad, hundreds of tablets from a handful of manufacturers have surfaced ...

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A Blue Samsung Galaxy S4 Set To Launch with Best Buy


  A blue Samsung Galaxy S4 set to launch. Smart phones have been engrained into the everyday consumer’s life since right around 2007. Since then we have seen amazing things done in the mobile space. We now have smart phones powerful enough to keep a small city running and tablets that bring a whole new outlook ...

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EVLeaks All But Confirms Sprint Ready Nexus 5


  The unannounced LG made Nexus 5 set to see a Sprint release? More news surrounding the Nexus 5 has surfaced to the top of the interwebs today. Unfortunately, this new does not give us any clearer information on its launch date. It does however confirm the handsets destiny. For the most part the Nexus program ...

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The ZTE Quantum Headed to the Now Network?


    The ZTE Quantum makes its way to Sprint! It looks like the carrier will team up with the manufacturer again to produce some awesome! Most recently the pairing put forth the ZTE Sprint Force. The Force while a solid smart phone is a mid range device that offers its self up for a rather affordable ...

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The Rugged Kyocera Torque E6710 Passes Through the Halls of the FCC headed to the Now Network

We all love our smart phones. These amazing little devices sit in the palm of our hands and in the depths of our pockets and extend our wisdom and worldly connectivity to points that were only once dreamed of. As our innate instincts tell us more is better, our sense of design demands beauty. Unfortunately ...

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A Sprint Bound Galaxy Note II Becomes Official

  The Samsung Galaxy Note is surely the leader in the phablet market. A long time ago when full touch screen devices were on their rise to prominence the oversized paradigm reared its ugly face to the disappointment of many. The Dell Streak was one of the more notable early entries into the space and unfortunately ...

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Another Galaxy: The Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE is Made Official for the Now Network

So many galaxies, so little time. Samsung has really taken a liking to this whole Galaxy line up of phones. Since the brands inception it seems like there has been a new Galaxy announced weekly. With a Samsung Galaxy for pretty much every level of phone Samsung is really pushing the limits of how much ...

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A New Sprint Messenger The Samsung Array

Who says the dumb phone is dead? Not Samsung or any carrier in their right mind for that matter. This new morning brings us one step closer to another Sprint ready handset option. Its all about the options folks! While Samsung is busy pumping out Galaxy Tabs, and Galaxy S’s you’d think they would have ...

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The Kyocera Rise Looks Set Launch on Sprint and Virgin Mobile

The Kyocera Rise and Hydro are mid range devices that fill a void left for the most part un-tapped and damp with mediocrity. The two handsets were announced and shown off at CTIA earlier this year, but had no carrier connection. The Hydro as you may remember has made its way to the likes of ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Reverb SPH-M950 Leaks In Sprint’s Direction

New Sprint model handsets have been showing up on the internet a lot lately.  The merry month of May showed us a Sprint bound LG Eclipse 4G LTE LS970 as well as the QWERTY toting LG LS860 Cayenne. Of course more recently Sprint has also launched the likes of the HTC EVO 4G LTE as ...

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Virgin Mobile Offers Up the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the HTC One V

  Sir Richard Branson and his infamous Sprint owned Virgin Mobile carrier has just upped the standard for pre-paid carriers across the board. Virgin Mobile is well known for offering up excellent pre-paid wireless service at super affordable prices and the handset offerings have just been improved triple fold! Sprint got themselves into a bit of ...

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