HP’s New Palm Topaz Tablet gets exposed

Awhile back news broke about the giant computer company HP buying out one of the best cell phone companies ever Palm. The buyout came at a perfect time for the pretty much sunken ship Palm and the anticipation as to what HP would do with such a solid cell phone maker was – and very ...

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Pricing leaks on Motorola’s new Xoom Tablet and ThunderBolt smartphone

Motorola is heading into 2011 with some highly anticipated devices, mainly their new Xoom tablet and ThunderBolt smart phone. While both these new devices were announced a few weeks back at CES there were no prices and we all know no matter how cool you new toy is the price is usually the main selling ...

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What to Expect at CES 2011

Vizio wants in on the smartphone market.

In two days, CES 2011 will begin. The event which lasts from January 6th to 9th will bring together most of the top players in the world of consumer electronics, including cellphone manufacturers and cellular carriers. If you are into wireless news, this is one Consumer Electronics Show that you will want to keep tabs ...

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RIM Responds to PlayBook Battery Life Claims

RIM says the PlayBook's battery is doing just fine.

Earlier this week, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu said that his sources indicate that Research In Motion’s upcoming PlayBook tablet only has a “few hours” of battery life. He then compared that presumably three hour estimate to the iPad’s ten hours and the Galaxy Tab’s six hours. Battery life is essential for tablets—almost as important ...

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T-Mobile Could Launch the Motorola Cliq 2 and the Dell Streak 7 on January 19th


T-Mobile doesn’t want to get left behind with all the of the amazing new phones and tablets coming out soon. According to TmoNews, January 19th could be the magic date for the release of the Motorola Cliq and the Dell Streak 7 on the carrier. While the blog has faith in its source, it does note ...

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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Has Battery Life Issues—Blame QNX OS

View of the PlayBook tablet's operating system

Research in Motion’s coming tablet device—the BlackBerry PlayBook—might have an unexpected snag. According to Shaw Wu, an analyst at Kaufman Bros., the PlayBook currently has only a “few hours” of battery life. What is to blame for the dismal battery performance? Wu thinks the problem lies with the new BlackBerry Tablet OS that RIM’s recently ...

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New iPad 2 Rumor Hints at Size and Speakers

apple logo

While the Apple iPad 2 rumors have been big touting improved specs like screen resolution, processor speed and the like, the latest talks about the actual physical dimensions of the tablet and the speakers inside. Okay, it is not the most exciting stuff, but it should keep your iPad love under control until you can ...

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BlackBerry Losing out to iOS at Businesses Because of Screen Size?

Business intelligence—basically business executive reports—on smart phones never really took off in the pre-iPhone era because of screen size limitations. At least that is what Sanju Bansal, the chief operating officer at Microstrategy says. In a recent article from Forbes, his view of what is driving corporate growth of custom apps for its employees is ...

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Motorola Hints at Tablet Announcement during CES 2011

Motorola's coming 10-inch tablet better kick some butt for how much smack the company is talking.

Motorola has released a little YouTube video hinting at its expected announcement of its 10-inch tablet during the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas. The video takes some jabs at tablets stuck running Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ and the iPad. Don’t worry, I’ve got the video and a breakdown of what we can expect Motorola ...

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Android ‘Honeycomb’ Really Version 2.4 and Coming in February?

The Android Logo

Google’s brand-new 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ update to its smart phone operating system—Android—might be overshadowed by a release of Android 2.4 ‘Honeycomb’ as early as February next year. Android Honeycomb has been widely expected to release as version 3.0, not 2.4. The update improves the Android platform to better support devices like tablets that have larger screens ...

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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Possibly Arriving as Early as February

RIM says the PlayBook's battery is doing just fine.

The highly anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook tablet could arrive as soon as the end of February 2011. The rough release date comes from Research In Motion’s statements regarding the device. It has said that early 2011 will be when a Wi-Fi only PlayBook model goes on sale and now the company’s VP of Investor Relations has ...

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Gmail’s Creator Doesn’t Think Google’s Chrome OS Will Survive

Google's test netbook for Google Chrome OS, the CR-48

Google demonstrated its new Chrome OS to the world last week but already the pundits are tearing into it. Perhaps the strongest voice coming out against Chrome OS is that of Paul Buchheit, a former Google employee who created Gmail. He recently tweeted, “Prediction: ChromeOS will be killed next year (or ‘merged’ with Android).” Ouch. ...

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2011 Will Be the Year of NVIDIA Tegra 2 Powered Android Tablets

Picture of NIVIDA's coming dual-core, Tegra 2 processor chipset

At least five smart phone or tablet manufacturers will be using NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipsets in their devices in 2011. That’s according to DigiTimes and most of the manufacturers the website lists as Tegra 2 users for 2011 have already announced plans to use the chips. Motorola will be releasing at least two smart phones ...

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RIM Might Be As Confused As the Rest of Us over its Game Plan

Mike Lazaridis interview at D: Dive Into Mobiule

When RIM’s Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis spoke at last night’s D: Dive Into Mobile conference he probably thought he was going to have an easy time explaining the company’s plans. Unfortunately, he completely bombed and made himself and Research In Motion look like they have no idea what they are talking about. If a company’s CEO ...

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Future Multi-core BlackBerrys Will Run QNX’s PlayBook OS, Verizon Launching BB OS 6 Soon

BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Curve 3G 9330 Verizon flyer showing BlackBerry OS 6

Research In Motion’s Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis spoke last night at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference and when he wasn’t confusing the heck out of the interviewers or the crowd he did mention that RIM’s recently acquired QNX division’s PlayBook tablet OS will appear on BlackBerry smartphones once they transition to dual-core processors. Unfortunately, there ...

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