Samsung Looks To Discontinue its Galaxy Tab Keyboard Docks


Samsung reported to give the axe to tablet keyboard docks! Samsung reign of tablet and smart phones see no end in sight. The company is pumping out tablets of all sizes, shapes and colors to ensure anyone who needs an awesome tablet experience will have a Samsung option ready when they are. As tablets take ...

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A Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Just In Time for the Season


Samsung announces a Garnet Red Galaxy Note 10.1 just in time for the holiday! Samsung is getting festive again and looking to capitalize on another holiday! As if the Christmas season is not enough the company is pulling on our hearts strings by offering up deep red devices shortly before the holiday of hearts. Recently ...

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A Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Just in Time For Valentines’ Day

    When you’re shopping for a tablet you have many, many options. But tablets that are offered up in color are, for the most part non-existent. There are hundreds of tablet options out there. From the big names like Apple and Samsung to the smaller un-known slates from big companies like Sony and ZTE, tablets are ...

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