Age and Gender Has Some Determination over Smartphone OS Preference

A chart showing smartphone OS preferences in the US and divided by gender

Who you are probably affects your smartphone preferences a lot more than you realized—data from Nielson’s October 2010 Smartphone Operating survey of 9,200 in the US shows that there is a link between someone’s preferred smartphone OS and their age and gender. Those between the ages of 18 and 24 are on average, 35.9% likely ...

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Apple’s iPhone Passes RIM’s BlackBerry for Top Spot in US Smartphone Market Share

Smartphones now command nearly 30% of the larger phone market in the US according to Nielson. Even more interesting is the fact that according to the company’s survey, Apple’s iPhone has passed RIM’s BlackBerry for the lead in smartphone operating systems.  The iPhone commands 27.9% of the market while the BlackBerry holds on at 27.4%. ...

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Apple’s iPhone 4 Extremely Fragile but Somehow the Most Reliable

  Apple’s new iPhone 4 is the most reliable smartphone on the market. It is also the one most likely to suffer accidental damage. That is what the numbers from SquareTrade say anyway. How does that work out? Let me explain. SquareTrade—a third party warrant company that covers smartphones—used a sample size of 50,000 smartphones over a ...

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Apple’s iPhone Passes RIM’s BlackBerry for 2nd Place

Despite all of the claims that were thrown back and forth between Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) concerning sales, Apple has come out on top. According to Strategy Analytics, 15.4 million iPhones were shipped by Apple, compared to only 12.3 million BlackBerrys by RIM. Of course Nokia, with its 26.5 million smartphones shipped in the same time period still reigns supreme globally, but even that number has started to slip.

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iPhone 4 Glass Breaks 82% More Often than 3GS? Not So Fast

You might have read or a friend might have told you that glass on Apple’s new iPhone 4 is 82 percent more likely than the older 3GS model’s to break. Given all of the iPhone 4 hate that ‘Antennagate’ generated during the new smartphone’s launch, those who are less than fond of the iPhone have ...

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People Love iOS devices More than Anything Else

Apple's iOS users absolutely love their Apple products. Don't believe me? Consider some new numbers from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. According to the poll, iPad users have an amazingly high satisfaction of 82%. For comparison, this is the highest satisfaction of any manufacturer in history. The fact that Apple is scoring so high matches well ...

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BlackBerry and iPhone Both In Trouble: Blame Android

Both Apple's iPhone and Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry have lost marketshare to Google's Android smartphone operating system this summer. According to comScore, Android has moved up while the iPhone and BlackBerry have moved down. The overall rankings of who has the most marketshare in the US remains unchanged however. Android OS gained a whopping 42% ...

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Apple’s iOS Passes Sony’s PSP for Gaming in the US

The age of iOS gaming seems to have arrived. Newzoo—a market research firm—has completed its International Gamers Survey 2010 and the results are simply astounding. iOS gamers on their iPhones, iPod touches and iPads account for a hefty 40.1 million of the estimated 77 million Americans who do mobile gaming. Sony's PSP accounts for a ...

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The Damage the iPhone 4 Took From Antennagate

While I am not sure exactly how accurate the survey was, information released from analyst firm Piper Jaffray's poll of 258 cellphone users in Minnieapolis, MN is quite interesting. The 'Antennagate' fiasco that marked the launch of Apple's iPhone 4 took quite a bite out of sales. According to Piper Jaffray, 20% of people who ...

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Things Are Even Worse for RIM Than We Thought

The situation that Research In Motion (RIM)--the maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone--finds itself in is even worse than we all thought. RIM’s cherished corporate customers have always been big fans of the business oriented BlackBerry, but serious competition from the likes of Apple’s iPhone and smartphones powered by Google’s Android OS might just spell ...

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Everyone Wants an iPhone – On Verizon’s Network

Market research company Morpace recently performed a study a found that the biggest obstacle to iPhone sales is the smartphone’s exclusivity deal with AT&T. So exactly how many would grab an iPhone on Verizon? 51% of Verizon’s current subscriber base, that’s who. It gets even more interesting. Besides the Verizon masses that are “somewhat/very likely to ...

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BlackBerry OS 6 Developer Information Reveals Juicy New Features

Information for software developers on BlackBerry OS 6 has been posted online and it shows quite a bit of what the new operating system offers both developers and the end-user. While a lot of it has been leaked through various sources, some of it is quite interesting. For example, pinch and zoom (multitouch) has been ...

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Doctors Choose iPhones over BlackBerrys in Large Numbers

Doctors love smartphones, in fact, they love them so much that depending on which poll you believe, between 72 and 94% of them have adopted one. That information comes from Spyglass Consulting Group and Manhattan Research, respectively. Wonder what else the market research companies have dug up? According to the people over at Spyglass, 44% ...

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