LG Officially Announces the G3 Stylus


LG announces the G3 Stylus! The G3 has been good to LG! The handset with the rear mounted button set has taken its G series to the next level and now it seems as if LG is getting series about the line up becoming the face of the brand! The original G3 was launched back ...

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LG G3 Stylus Spotted in G3 Promotional Video


  LG continues on their G3 rampage with a new Stylus based variant! LG and their latest surely greatest smart phone, the G3 is currently taking over the world. The company’s super thin device and unique design is currently a class leading device. But what can make it better? Well, variations of course! In the land ...

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LG Revives the QWERTY Keyboard with the Optimus F3Q


LG’s Optimus P3Q, the Q stands for QWERTY! Remember keyboards? At some point during the dawn of smart phones, the QWERTY keyboard was king. A four or five row keyboard attached to your new device was really the only way to go for most manufacturers. Some of the devices however started to appear in the ...

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Details Of the HTC One Max Launch Dates and New Pictures of the HTC One Mini


  HTC is getting ready to launch an One Max and One Mini. The HTC One has been a long time coming, but the company created a sure shot contender to its competition with the device.  The One has come a long way since its leaky days as the M7 and it looks as if HTC ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Memo


Renderings of the Samsung Galaxy Memo show off what seems to be a Galaxy Note Mini. The Samsung Galaxy Note is an amazing smart phone. The smart phone tablet that has perpetuated the oversized handset market to great lengths and it looks as if Samsung is reversing its roll and taking the Note down a ...

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The LG Optimus VU II Is Announced

The fight for oversized smart phone dominance is slowly starting to heat up. As the consumer presence for the oversized phablets grows more contenders enter the ring and more viable options are created. As Samsung and LG seemingly dominate the arena a few more challengers like Pantech enter the scene with the Vega R3 and ...

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No More Rumors, The Samsung Galaxy Note II Is Official

Ever since the announcement and release of the Samsung Galaxy III all I could think, was why not make the screen a bit bigger and add in a stylus, and then... just like that the Galaxy Note II was announced. The Galaxy Note is the first oversized smart phone to gain acceptance in the hearts and ...

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The LG Intuition Becomes a Phablet Reality

Ahh, the phablet. The word that Samsung created! A while back Samsung announced a smart phone that took the “standard size” and tossed it out the window. The Galaxy Note was born, you may have heard of it. Wildly and unsuspectedly popular the oversized smart phone took on a life of its own. While it ...

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