Apple’s iPhone Passes RIM’s BlackBerry for 2nd Place

Despite all of the claims that were thrown back and forth between Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) concerning sales, Apple has come out on top. According to Strategy Analytics, 15.4 million iPhones were shipped by Apple, compared to only 12.3 million BlackBerrys by RIM. Of course Nokia, with its 26.5 million smartphones shipped in the same time period still reigns supreme globally, but even that number has started to slip.

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Strange Monoliths Appear in AT&T Stores

Here is a very interesting piece of news. Apparently, strange monolith-like displays are being set up in AT&T stores across the country. What they contain or will contain remains a mystery. AT&T is reportedly threatening to fire any of its store employees who joke about what might be inside, and the store employees themselves have ...

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iPhone Losing Marketshare to Android OS

Apple lost market share in the highly competitive smartphone market in a three month period ending in May according to comScore—a company that specializes in internet marketing research. Neither was Apple alone either. Research In Motion (RIM), Microsoft and Palm also lost market share. The only winner was Google Android OS powered devices that gained ...

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