The Kyocera Verve Is a New QWERTY Slider Feature Phone Headed to Sprint, Boost and Virgin


The Kyocera Verve makes its way onto the shelves of Sprint, Boost and Virgin! In the land of milk and honey we are surrounded by amazingly powerful smart phones. Solid aluminum devices like the almighty HTC One and software packed handsets like the GS5 and of course lest not we forget the iPhones! But as ...

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The Slider QWERTY LG Enact Gets Official


LG Enact becomes available on Verizon and brings back the QWERTY one more time. The cell phone has gone though many changes since its inception and some of the best designs are still around. The smart phone revolution however changed everything. The introduction of the slate styled smart phone pushed the old flip style designs ...

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The LG Cosmos 3 and Revere 2 Debut at Verizon


Verizon introduces the Cosmos 3 and the Revere 2! The cell phone world is not all amazingly high end super phones that can out run our desktop computers. There are still many devices out there that are simply good old fashioned cell phones. Sure they can do things original handsets only dreamt of, but they ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II Becomes Official

  The Samsung Stratosphere was launched back in the early winter months of last year. The device was a solid mid to low end smart phone with a sliding QWERTY and the likes of Android version 2.3. While the Stratosphere was not the a top of the totem pole when it comes to power and processing, ...

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The Pantech Star Q Slated to Add More Mid Range Keyboards To Big Red’s Line Up

  Every year there seems to be a stretch of releases that only produce slate style smart phones. These smart phones are usually awesome. High powered machines with a thin piece of glass between its end users and the world. But as these stretches, stretch, there is a group of end users up in arms wondering ...

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The SGH-T699 Becomes the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q….Q Short for QWERTY

In the past years smart phones have become incredibly thin and unfortunately dropped off some of the features we look forward to, like QWERTY keyboards for example. As the smart phone slims out and grows diagonally, room for a tactical keyboard goes by the way side. A few years back for every high end slate ...

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The LG Note is the new dual core slider on the playground

    Usually when a large mobile manufacturer takes to the streets with a new idea you will surely see its competition following along similar lines. 3D mobile handsets are a perfect example, but this one here may not be. When I first read the headlines surrounding the LG Optimus Note, my first thought was of the ...

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At&t’s Galaxy S II QWERTY Option Spotted

  To further confirm that the time is upon us a new leak of an Americanized Samsung’s Galaxy S II has made its way into the fray. Early last week the world got a glimpse of what is said to be Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II which is rumored to be called the ...

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BlackBerry Slider 9800, On the Way?

  We have heard the rumors; we have seen the patent pending pictures (and now the spy pics). But WHEN RIM WHEN? Your community of users is looking for a new device and for now the new “Mr T” or Blackberry 9800 seems to be what they’re looking for. Rim’s new Blackberry Slider device is rumored to ...

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