Huawei Annouces the MediaPad X1


Huawei MediaPad X1 tablet will be a bit more affordable if you live in China! While sub 10 inch tablets are becoming more and more popular, we in turn see more options in those size ranges. Companies like Samsung and even Apple have produced midsized tablets and it seems as if consumers are taking a ...

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Samsung Introduces the Galaxy Round!


    Samsung’s bent Galaxy Round becomes official! Companies like Samsung and LG have been experimenting with flexible or bendable LCD panels for quite some time now. When the idea was first brought to the attention of us lonely consumers, it felt like one of those “I’ll believe it when I see” it scenarios. Recently the talks ...

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A Verizon Bound Nokia Tablet Appears in the Wild


A Verizon branded Nokia tablet smiles for the camera! You may remember Nokia’s recent decision to shift their focus on Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone operating system. The company openly opposed Android as a potential direction and chose to team up with Ballmer and the crew. Since the new relationship has taken form, we have seen ...

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Samsung Announces the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 3 8.0

Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

Samsung makes their Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 official! Recently news of a few unannounced but highly expected, Samsung devices have surfaced to the top of the headlines. As the company gears up for a few new variations of the Galaxy S4 they are making the highly speculated Tab 3 10.1 ...

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HTC 10 Inch Puccini Jetstream shows off for the camera

Tablets are slowly taking over a mobile computing market that was once dominated by laptops and netbooks. This of course for good reason, the tablet has many advantages over its mobile counter parts, this assuming you did not jack Apple’s steez of course.  HTC’s new tablet outshines its smaller cousins in looks alone, but does ...

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Sony’s S2 Dual Screen Tablet Heads to Ma Bell’s 4th G

Tablets are slowly becoming the new trend. Something like the idea behind net books, the only difference is people actually want and are using tablets. Thank the iPad or whomever you’d like the tablet ear is upon us and just gearing up. But if you’re a large multimedia empire and your tablet is not on ...

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