‘Gemini’ Attacks Android Smartphones in China, U.S. Next?

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Malicious hackers have started targeting smartphones and devices running Google’s Android operating system are a particularly juicy target. One piece of malware making headlines right now is Gemini. This trojan has the capability to download all information off of an Android smart phone and even take control of the phone itself. Before you get worked up ...

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RIM: India Will Not Have Access to BES

Image of a BlackBerry smart phone with India

A story in the Economic Times prompted BlackBerry maker Research In Motion to respond because of “inaccurate and misleading information.” The story said that RIM had offed India a solution to its demands for access to encrypted information sent between BlackBerry smartphones. This solution—a “network data analysis system”—has the ability to decode all data on ...

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RIM Caves to India on BlackBerry Messenger but Ban Still Possible

Image of a BlackBerry smart phone with India's flag displayed

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has agreed to India’s demands to allow the interception of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) communications within the country but a ban is still possible. Why? Because even though RIM is working to give India access to BBMs, its BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) system does not let RIM access the encrypted ...

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BlackBerry OS 6 Gets ‘FIPS 149-2’ Approval from US Government


Research In Motion launched the newest version of its smartphone operating system—BlackBerry OS 6—back in August and the new OS has finally received its FIPS 149-2 certification from the US Government. FIPS 149-2 certification means that the new BB operating system meets certain US Government requirements regarding encryption methods inside of both the software and ...

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Firesheep on webOS Hacks Unsecured Data over Wi-Fi

It is now possible to use a Palm smartphone to hack into the accounts and data of others through Firesheep. Firesheep was originally a plug-in for the FireFox browser but has now been ported over to webOS as an app. The way the software works is by listening for internet traffic sent back and forth ...

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iOS 4.2 Update Includes More than 80 Security Fixes, Jailbreak Here

Apple’s new iOS 4.2 update might fix more than 80 security holes in iOS but jailbreakers haven’t even blinked. In fact, Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 is already ready to jailbreak your iOS device. Unfortunately, the iPad is not yet supported for this one. Also, to clear up any confusion, iOS 4.2 is technically version 4.2.1. Details on ...

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iOS 4.2 Launching Around November 7th

Apple’s next update to iOS 4 is expected to arrive on or after November 7th. The developer release or ‘Gold Master’ (GM) edition of iOS 4.2 has been available since last week and Apple has directed app makers to certify compatibility with the update. Now the actual release date of iOS 4.2 has gotten tipped ...

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Android OS Found to Have 359 Defects in Source Code

How is this for a shocker? Google’s Android OS has just undergone a thorough screening by security analyst Coverity and the company found an average of 0.47 defects per 1,000 lines of code. These defects end up totaling to 359, with 88 of them being classified as “high risk.” Coverity tested the Android kernel running ...

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iOS 4.2 Coming In November—Will Fix Security Flaw

  You probably have heard about the security flaw in iOS 4.1 that lets someone bypass your PIN security and access, call and email your contacts list. The flaw lets someone tap a few buttons to sneak past the emergency call screen that you can access even when the iPhone is locked by a PIN. Your ...

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App Developers for iOS Might Know Who You Really Are

  Apple's iOS has a mighty big privacy concern if you are one of the most who use apps on the platform. According to Eric Smith—an assistant director at Bucknell University in the Information Security and Networking department—of the top 57 apps on the iTunes App Store, 68% send UDID information back to a third party. ...

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Not So Fast BlackBerry, You’re Not as Secure as We Thought

  Love or hate them, BlackBerrys have long been considered the standard for smartphone security. With countries from India to Saudi Arabia to even the United States now all wanting a way to decrypt encrypted messages sent back and forth between the devices, you would think they have some kind of mystical security protection other companies ...

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