New Pictures Reveal the Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Pictures of Samsung’s next big thing have leaked into the wild! If you haven’t heard of Samsung and their array of Galaxy smart phones, you’ve likely been living under a rock! The company and their lineup of device is currently taking over the world. Producing a smart phone and tablet in nearly every size, shape ...

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The Note 3 Lite Becomes the Note 3 Neo and Offers Hexa-Core Processing?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite becomes the Note 3 Neo. For some time now details surrounding Samsung’s plan to introduce a new variation of the Note 3 have been lingering around the interwebs. The initial rumor suggested the Note 3 Lite would essentially be a watered down variation of the Note 3. While the ...

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Samsung To Give a Sneak Peak At the Note III to At&t


  Next up, the Galaxy Note III! Samsung has been in the news a lot lately and for good reason. The company is continuing its maiden voyage into Android with their Galaxy line of smart phones. Recently, in case you missed it the company took the stage to announce their latest and greatest flagship the Galaxy ...

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The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note, Better late than Never?

    The Galaxy Note was initially launched abroad October of last year, shortly after its foray into international waters At&t sunk their elite hook into the lovable giant’s mouth  for a limited run of exclusivity on their shelves only. February of this year brought the phone to ma’ bell and ever since customers across the country ...

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Stay Safe and Ready with our Amazing Samsung Galaxy Note Accessories

Your Samsung Galaxy Note is most likely one of the most powerful pecies of computing genius you have in your arsenal of greatness, why leave it exposed to the elements. The Galaxy Note is a huge 5.3 inch touch screen device that packs in a super powerful 1.5 GHz dual core shipset. With all its ...

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