The Blackberry Q10 Confirmed for Sprint August 30th


The Blackberry Q10 finally launches with Sprint. It wasn’t too long ago where majority of the mobile world and average consumers alike felt that the Blackberry was to go the way of the Palm. In the recent past Blackberry has struggled to stay afloat and make modern, or more aptly put, desirable handsets and tablets. ...

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Blackberry Announces the 9720


The Blackberry 9720 keeps OS 7 alive! The company formally known as RIM has gone through some drastic changes in the last few months. Earlier this year, in January to be exact, Blackberry took the veil off of their Blackberry Z10 and OS10 operating system. The QNX based system was to offer an entirely new ...

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Blackberry Announces the Q5

Blackberry Q5

  Blackberry announces the Q5! If you haven’t heard Blackberry is on a tear making its way back into the smart phone market with their fancy new operating system and handsets. The Blackberry Z10 and the  Q10 have introduced Blackberry 10 to the masses and now a lower end model is ready to solidify the operating ...

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New Photo’s and Details of the Blackberry R10 Emerge


New details surrounding the Blackberry R10 have emerged. With all the hype surrounding the latest in Android and what Apple will do next, it’s easy to forget that one of the best phone makers in the business have just reinvented themselves. Blackberry has recently been on a roll producing new variation of their timeless designs ...

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The Blackerry R10 Gets Caught On Camera


  The Blackberry R10 gets caught in the wild! You may have thought that the company formerly known as RIM would have stopped with their latest Z10 and Q10 models, but the 10’s keep rolling on! Blackberry, up and reinvented themselves recently with a shift in power and finally releasing their advanced Blackberry 10 operating system. ...

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The Blackberry Q10 Set to Release 8 to 10 Weeks After the Z10 In the States

It feels good to wake up in the morning and check the news to see Blackberry back in the headlines! It was less than a week ago when the company formerly known as RIM announced their new Blackberry name alongside an awesome new handset. Well, one and a half if you count the Q10. The ...

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The Blackberry Z10 is Officially Announced…Finally

Good news everyone…Blackberry is back! Today marks a date in history that will either be easily forgotten in the next few months, or it will remain a cornerstone of the companies’ revival. Today the company formally known as RIM took to a stage in NYC to show off and announce their new wares at The ...

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The Blackberry Patagonia 9620 Makes Treks toward Nextel

In the past few years a new Blackberry was usually deemed the black sheep unicorn of the smart phone world. As the company struggles to hold on to their share of the market, dreams of the Blackberry 10 operating system seem to float around in the minds of anyone still paying attention to the smart ...

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All the Best Blackberry Curve 9310 Accessories You’ll Ever Need

With the pace of the world moving faster and faster as each day passes its good to know that you have your Blackberry by your side to help keep up with the momentum. The latest Blackberry Curve 9310 is your portal to the information age while on the go. Keeping it safe, ready fully synced ...

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The Dev Alpha Phone and Blackberry 10 Is the New Beginning of Next Generation Blackberry’s

  The last time any good news came from the likes of RIM it was a shift in upper management a new hero based social campaign and some renderings of the Blackberry London. While the social campaign may not have turned out as popular as RIM expected, the new CEO and the likes of a high ...

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The latest Blackberry Curve 9320 Briefly Surfaces for its Headshot

It is not every day that you hear exciting news coming from the Blackberry maker RIM. In the past few years it seems that the original smart phone manufacturer has been playing catch up with it competitors. Some who have an opinion blame the operating system or the bland hardware designs. Others point the finger ...

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The Blackberry London, a new CEO and Super Heros!

RIM and the cult classic Blackberry has made it back into the news recently and the topics surely overshadow any themes, ringtones or new apps you have been reading up on. While many in the mobile world are awaiting the death of RIM it seems that the company is still pushing with a new CEO, ...

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The LG Spectrum and Blackberry Curve 9370 Available Now!

It was a mild winter day sometime toward the end of last year when the LG Spectrum showed face and was all but confirmed as headed to the throws of big red! Today the device launched within Verizon’s spectrum has become a reality. After all the rumors, inventory screen shots and 3D renderings the LG ...

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The Blackberry 10 QNX Experience Continues to Entice with the Milan

Remember the Blackberry? Those amazingly secure devices with the best keyboards and messaging services around? Well they are still kicking and getting better, even though you’re now using an iPhone. In the past few weeks it seems that Blackberry is attempting a fully fledged come back. When you take the Blackberries future QNX based operating ...

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The Blackberry QNX Revolution is under way with the London

Ahh the ever famous and heavily used Blackberry is facing an upgrade. Sometime last year the Canadian based smart phone maker made a huge leap of faith into their future by buying out the software genius over at QNX. Initially the anticipation of a RIM built QNX device made me shiver with excitement, we got ...

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