iPhone 4 Has Reception Problems on AT&T’s Microcell

You purchased an iPhone 4 simply because it is the sexiest smartphone out right now. You are in love with it. Even ‘Antennagate’ doesn’t faze you. Instead, you bought an AT&T Microcell—home cell tower solution—that plugs into your broadband so you don’t have to deal with dropped calls. Oh wait, now your calls are coming ...

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Video Surfaces of BlackBerry Bold 9800 with “Death Grip” Problem

A YouTube video surfaced and was quickly deleted that showcased the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9800 “Torch”—only problem is that in the video showed the bars on the phone drop as it was held. While this might not normally be that big of a deal, ever since Apple CEO Steve Jobs called out Research In Motion ...

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iPhone 4 Update to iOS Version 4.0.1 Delayed to Prevent Hackers?

Apple may be delaying the release of the first update to its iOS 4 software, version 4.0.1, that is expected to fix the ‘grip of death’ reception problems plaguing its newest smartphones because it wants to prevent the anticipated arrival of the first iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock options available.

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