The New HTC One Gets Official!


The new HTC One M8 is finally official! After what seems a life time the rumors and speculation surrounding the next generation HTC One can finally rest! HTC has unveiled the device to much anticipation and fan fare, but is it all that it was cracked up to be? While the answer to that may ...

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The LG Optimus G Super Phone is Official

With all the competition out there it seems that us smart phone users have one of two choices, Samsung or Apple. But there are indeed a few other options. Consider HTC, Motorola and LG. Remember LG? The company has pumped out some of the best handsets available and today a new LG made monster smart ...

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Acer Files the Quad-Core Iconia Tab A110 Tablet in the Affordable Folder

  Acer, you know them. You love them; you have trusted them for years. Acer is a Taiwanese based Hardware Company that has been pumping out amazing computers, monitors and everything in between since 1976. With the recent market push into mobile computing it may seem that Acer did not bit as hard as some of ...

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The HTC Edge Rumored to bring Quad Core Processing to the Mobile Fold

It’s a funny feeling when you get to see technological advancements right before your eyes…we live in strange times, fast moving times and our technology seems to be setting the pace for us. When the cell phone market came out of the boring low end sector and started pumping out super fast cell phones with ...

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NFC from Samsung and Quad-Core from NIVIDA Coming to Android in 2011

The Android Logo

Near field communications (NFC) is expected to come of age in the United States next year after Google implements support for the wireless, mobile payment system in Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’. The Samsung Nexus S is widely expected to receive an NFC chipset inside and now Samsung has officially announced its line of NFC chips for ...

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