The Blackberry Z30 Goes Live With Verizon November 14th


Hold on to your britches everyone, Verizon is set to launch the new Blackberry Z30!  Way back in September, Blackberry took to the headlines and announced their latest Z smart phone the Z30. The Z10 if you remember was the start of something that Blackberry felt very confident about. The new handset along with the ...

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Blackberry Announces the 9720


The Blackberry 9720 keeps OS 7 alive! The company formally known as RIM has gone through some drastic changes in the last few months. Earlier this year, in January to be exact, Blackberry took the veil off of their Blackberry Z10 and OS10 operating system. The QNX based system was to offer an entirely new ...

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The Blackberry Q10 Set to Begin Its World Tour


The Blackberry Q10 gets one step closer to a US release. Way back in January Blackberry took to the streets to announce their brand new, long time coming QNX based operating system, Blackberry 10. Luckily for long time Blackberry fans, the long awaited operating system came into this world running on two new handsets, the ...

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The Blackberry Z10 Launches with Verizon


  A Big Red Z10 launches today! The newly awesome Blackberry Z10 was announced back in January of this year to much excitement and fan fare. While most of the world already has the Z10 in hand, the smart phone is starting to make its way to the American market. Right out of the gate Blackberry ...

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The Blackberry Z10 Makes its American Debut with Ma’Bell


The infamous Blackberry Z10 makes its debut stateside. Blackberry took to the stage early this year back in January to announce their new operating system and handsets. While the new QNX based operating system is the in the shadows star of the announcement the Z10 has taken the limelight. Since its announcement however we’ve all ...

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The Blackberry Q10 Set to Release 8 to 10 Weeks After the Z10 In the States

It feels good to wake up in the morning and check the news to see Blackberry back in the headlines! It was less than a week ago when the company formerly known as RIM announced their new Blackberry name alongside an awesome new handset. Well, one and a half if you count the Q10. The ...

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The Blackberry Android Runtime Layer Slated for a 4.1 Jelly Bean Update

Fun fact! The new Blackberry 10 operating system runs Android applications! If you follow mobile news at all you may here that “Android is in everything” from time to time. While it may seem like an overstatement it is indeed true. From super affordable tablets, to washers, dryers, refrigerators, light bulbs and to top it ...

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Another Blackberry 10 Flagship Keeps the Keys: Meet the Q10

In case you have haven’t heard Blackberry is back. The company is hard at work right now announcing their awesome ne QNX based Blackberry 10 software as well as showing off some of the new handhelds that run it! Blackberry’s CEO announced the Q10 today and it really hits a soft spot for dedicated Blackberry ...

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The Blackberry Z10 is Officially Announced…Finally

Good news everyone…Blackberry is back! Today marks a date in history that will either be easily forgotten in the next few months, or it will remain a cornerstone of the companies’ revival. Today the company formally known as RIM took to a stage in NYC to show off and announce their new wares at The ...

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The Blackberry London, a new CEO and Super Heros!

RIM and the cult classic Blackberry has made it back into the news recently and the topics surely overshadow any themes, ringtones or new apps you have been reading up on. While many in the mobile world are awaiting the death of RIM it seems that the company is still pushing with a new CEO, ...

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The Blackberry 10 QNX Experience Continues to Entice with the Milan

Remember the Blackberry? Those amazingly secure devices with the best keyboards and messaging services around? Well they are still kicking and getting better, even though you’re now using an iPhone. In the past few weeks it seems that Blackberry is attempting a fully fledged come back. When you take the Blackberries future QNX based operating ...

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QNX Blackberry Will run Android Applications

The highly respected but currently lacking maker of the legendary Blackberry, RIM is setting its future on its newly acquired QNX operating system. If you have had the chance to take a tour of the recently launch Playbook tablet from the company you are probably highly aware that its user interface is far superior to ...

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Is Apple responsible for the delay of RIM’s Blackberry Playbook?

No. Only RIM can take credit for that. The Blackberry Playbook has been rumored then used to tease and taunt us but after a bit of delay the Playbook is now on its way to the market place. The Playbook is slated to launch April 19th so in just a few short weeks the likes of the ...

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RIM’s Blackberry Playbook takes a trip to the FCC

If you’re patiently waiting the launch of the new Blackberry Playbook, thats good but you have to keep waiting. Grab some more snacks and keep watching as RIM lets the anticipation grow so large that most that were interested are…well losing interest. The concept of a midsized Blackberry tablet is surely enough for any of us to ...

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RIM’s Blackberry running Android Apps

There is a whole lot of speculation surrounding RIM and the future of their legendary Blackberry line, everything from changing the entire operating system to completely overhauling their hardware it seems that the tech world just won’t leave poor RIM alone. But they (we) have a point, as the years pass and more competition arrives ...

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