HTC Announces the Desire 610 and Desire 816


HTC announces two new Desires that are indeed rather desirable! HTC and the Desire go way back! Way back to 2010 is where the original HTC Desire first appeared. Over the last few years the company has produced a slew of different handsets with the Desire branding. Earlier this week HTC took the stage at ...

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New Rumors Give Samsung’s Galaxy S5 an Iris Scanner and a 20 Mega Pixel Camera!


Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors start to heat up once again. Samsung’s next generation flagship is usually in high demand. Whether it be the next iteration of the Note series device, the Tab series or the smart phone extraordinaire Galaxy S, what’s up Samsung’s sleeve is that of interest to anyone following along in the tech ...

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Samsung begins production of the Galaxy S5 QHD Touch Screen

Samsung starts production of the Galaxy S5! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is sure to be the ‘next best thing’, first it needs to be put together! Just as all previous models of the company’s flagship Galaxies, the leaks, rumors and speculation surrounding the S5 are continuing to heat up. This could be the year however ...

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ZTE Made At&t Mustang Shows Up on Manufacturers Website


  At&t’s ZTE Mustang gets spotted on ZTE’s website. The good old ZTE and At&t pairing is back at it once again. If you’re unfamiliar with ZTE no one would hold it against you. The company is well known for making entry level to mid range devices in the name of our dear carriers. Take the ...

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Renderings of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom Leak Into the Wild

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

  New details of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom have emerged! Samsung has been very active lately keeping new variations of their latest Galaxy device up to date and presented in a handful of different variations. Late last month details of Samsung’s plans emerged into the limelight, and showed off some specifics for the S4 Active, S4 ...

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Is a Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini in the Works ?


A Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini has appeared in the wild! Samsung is a company that knows what people want. While in some circumstances it may seem that Samsung is taking stabs in the dark, they eventually find a perfect medium and give end users awesome selection. Shortly after the Galaxy S III launched rumors ...

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The LG F5 Gets Leaked as the Lucid 2


    The LG F5 slated for a Big Red launch as the Lucid 2. Heading into MWC last month, LG’s cards were on the table suit side up. The company’s flagship Optimus G Pro was heavily exposed while its lighter side, the Optimus L series II devices were also exposed a bit and ultimately announced at ...

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The Acer Liquid E1 and Liquid Z2 Are Made Official Ahead of their Debut


The Acer Liquid Z2 and Liquid E1 get official! You may be unfamiliar with Acer’s endeavors into the mobile space, but that shouldn’t hold you back from discovering some pretty awesome new handsets! The Acer Liquid E1 was first unveiled back in January and exposed itself to be a mid range slate style device with ...

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Jelly Bean in Kid form? Meet the NTT DoCoMo Junior SH-05

Ever think your kid needs a powerful Android phone or just smart phone in general? Well, if you were living in the fast pace technological world of Japan, your answer could prove to be a simple, yes. Here stateside we like to dumb down the phones we pawn off as child friendly, but it looks ...

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The LG Escape Gets Official With a Low Price Point on Ma’Bell

  Android is everywhere! It is in all types of different phones and tablets from the highest end of the market to the lowest, but every once and a while a new Android handset perfectly meets somewhere in the middle of specs affordable pricing. The new LG Escape is one of those options. This amazing new ...

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The Huawei Ascend G600 Set To Scale Select Markets Next Month

So many new phones and so little time! IFA is underway and electronics manufacturers from across the globe have descended on Berlin to show off the latest advancements in their wares. The latest in everything from PC’s to TV’s and of course our favorite, smart phones are on display for the world to see. Some ...

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The Motorola Razr V Ready for The Bell

The Motorola Razr, simply put could never die! The original Motorola Razr made its way into the phone market in 2004 as one of the thinnest most advanced phones on the market. But boy, have times changed. The RAZR is now droided out and slowly becoming the successful handset its predecessor was. The original Razr ...

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The Sprint Ready Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE World Phone Becomes a Reality

Another day, another leaked device and another pretty nice handset making its way to the yellow clad now network! Back in June an awesome blurrycam picture (taken with an EVO 4G LTE) of a new Sprint ready, Motorola QWERTY sliding device surfaced to the top of the interwebs. The picture of the handsets appeared on ...

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Benchmarking Motorola’s Droid X2 Exposes Some More Un-Official Details

The Motorola Droid X came into this world with one of the largest screens available. Many snarled and snickered at the size of the Droid X, about nine months later the Droid X is one of the best Motorola Droid’s available. If there is anything to know about technology and improvements within is that they ...

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