Apple Pulls WikiLeaks App for iOS from iTunes

Wikileaks app

Apple has joined the fight against Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks organization—or so it appears. A WikiLeaks app was pulled by Apple from its iTunes App Store only a few days after it hit the distribution service. Before the WikiLeaks fan boys and girls start spamming the comments with pro-freedom of speech arguments and bashing Steve Jobs as ...

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RIM’s Battle against the Kik Messenger App Hits the Courts

BlackBerry smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) recently pulled the Kik Messenger app from its BlackBerry App World and then took the drastic action of preventing the company behind Kik from developing BlackBerry apps anymore. All RIM has had to say so far about the situation is that it pulled the Kik app because of ...

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Did RIM Kill Kik Messenger App Because of BBM Similarities?

  BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) pulled the Kik messenger app from its BlackBerry App World store a couple of weeks ago and now has practically disabled the app. The company has also banned Kik’s maker from the BB SDK and signing keys, which effectively means all future development on the BB version is dead. ...

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