Details of a New Huawei Prisim II Leaks into the Wild


T-Mobile and Huawei are looking to introduce the Prism II. TMo has teamed up with nearly every manufacturer the world has come to know. In the past you may have seen a host of different phones that are for sale within he halls of the magenta clad carrier that show no branding other than T-Mobile. ...

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The Huawei Ascend D1 Launches in China and is set to Spread Its Love To Additional Markets in the near Future

  Huawei is back at it again pumping out an amazing high powered device, just not stateside. Ask any average American what they think about Huawei and you might get a rather perplexed glare and similar answer. But narrow that sample size down to say, ┬áCicket and Metro PCS customers only and you may get answers ...

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The Prism a New Twenty Dollar Android Handset for the Entry Level SmartPhone User

The line of what smart phones and a feature phones are, seemingly gets a bit more out of focus every day a new entry level handset is introduced. While the low end catches up to the high and mid range of years gone past, we can sit back and rest assured that the future of ...

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