The New HTC One to Be Available Immediately following its Announcement and other details surrounding its DUO Camera’s


The new HTC One aka the M8 has its full spec’s revealed and is set to launch immediately after its introduction. The new HTC One is every day becoming more and more desirable as the anticipation and leaky details seemingly continue to grow. The device is set to be the successor to the ever popular ...

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Nokia Launches the Lumia 525


  The Nokia Lumia 525 becomes an official piece of Nokia hardware! The Lumia series of handsets is slowly but surely becoming akin to Samsung’s range of Galaxies, ultimately providing a piece of hardware for every end user in nearly every market. Most recently high end ‘flagship’ devices like the Lumia 929 and the oversized Lumia ...

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Nokia Announces the 207 and 208 3G Phones


  Nokia announces the super affordable 207 and 208 3G cell phones! Remember the days before all this smart phone craziness? The days when our phones were just cellular and not all that smart? The days when battery life was not a concern as phones lasted days without a charge. When playing games, aimlessly browsing the ...

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Sprint Announces the LG Optimus F3

Sprint LG Optimus F3

  LG’s Optimus F3 is set to find a home with Sprint come June 14th. The F3 is a new Optimus set to fill in the low end. The LG Optimus F series of smart phones were announced earlier this year shortly before MWC. The company announced the LG F7 and F5 while the F3 was ...

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Acer Introduces their First Phablet the Liquid S1

Acer Liquid S1

    Acer introduces its take on the oversized smart phone with the Liquid S1! Anyone use an Acer phone? You may find the company’s products sitting pretty in the form of a laptop, desktop or monitor, however, not many of your peers may use one of the many Acer smart phones, unless of course your peers ...

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The Pantech Vega Iron Gets Official with Smallest Bezel Yet


The Pantech Vega Iron becomes official, bezel in tow.  Dreams of bezel less devices swirl in the minds of smart phone and gadget enthusiasts alike. If you ever check out the fan made renderings of upcoming flagships from different manufacturers, you’ll most always catch a imagined device with absolutely no bezel at all. The Pantech ...

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The LG Optimus L3 II Sets Out on A World Tour!


An optimus, for the rest of us! LG is set to launch their latest Optimus L3 II. In the weeks and months leading up to MWC, the leaks were all over the place. Every other day we were getting a glimpse into what companies would be launching at the event. The early news surrounding LG ...

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The LG Optimus VU II Is Announced

The fight for oversized smart phone dominance is slowly starting to heat up. As the consumer presence for the oversized phablets grows more contenders enter the ring and more viable options are created. As Samsung and LG seemingly dominate the arena a few more challengers like Pantech enter the scene with the Vega R3 and ...

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The ZTE Anthem 4G Is Official

Metro PCS is a well known carrier here in the states that offer up amazing connectivity for a rather affordable price tag. The best part about the carrier however, in our humble opinion is their options. They don’t limit your phone options to a few flagships. There are many amazingly powerful and affordable devices within ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Stellar Enters the Big Red Milky Way

   Our galaxy the Milky Way is calculated as having roughly 100 billion stars. This gross estimate is measured by the amount of light that is put out by individual stars. Measuring this gives us that rough figure. If Samsung continues to push out Galaxy phones, and we measure their presence in luminosity, they very well ...

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The Huawei Ascend G600 Set To Scale Select Markets Next Month

So many new phones and so little time! IFA is underway and electronics manufacturers from across the globe have descended on Berlin to show off the latest advancements in their wares. The latest in everything from PC’s to TV’s and of course our favorite, smart phones are on display for the world to see. Some ...

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The Award Winning Acer CloudMobile Goes Up for Pre-Order

At some point in your life you more than likely have come across a piece of Acer made hardware. Whether it’s a simple monitor for your PC or a laptop Acer is a well know Components Company across the globe. While their presence in the mobile world is still a bit lacking when compared to ...

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The Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE is Becomes Official August 19th

  The Photon Q 4G LTE is official! Toward the latter days of July a new keyboard clad Motorola phone hit the rumor mill with some press renderings and a long list of eye popping specs. Fast forward a few weeks and it look like the device has become official. Way back in June of last ...

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The Samsung Exhilarate Enters The Budget Minded Market with some Awesomeness in tow

One may think with the launch of the Galaxy S III underway, Samsung may take a step back and have a minute to themselves, but alas, there are non Galaxy using smart phone owners out there, work is never done! Earlier this year At&t took the stage for their developer summit. In the midst of ...

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The Samsung Galaxy S III Coming To America’s Top Five Carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S III is on its way to the American carriers and just like that the ante has been upped. The Samsung Galaxy S III is the latest in Galaxy S devices and is surely the best to date. The Galaxy S III was officially announced early last month to much fan fare. ...

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