Pre-Orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Open for Most all Major US Carriers


The Samsung Galaxy S 4 gets set for launch on all major US carriers. The latest and greatest in Galaxy was announced back in mid march in New York City to much fan fare. The device with all its new features and build is set to take over the world! But where and when can ...

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The HTC One Gets Official With At&t and Sprint


The HTC One makes waves as two carriers announce their plans for the smart phone. The HTC One was announced in mid February and comes with great anticipation. The One was at one point also known as the M7 and came into this world bit by bit in all forms of teases and leaks. Finally ...

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HTC One SV and ZTE Force Make Their Way to Boost Mobile


  The HTC One SV and ZTE Force become Boost residents! The more options we have in this crazy mixed up world, the better off we are! Boost Mobile is one of many awesome pre-paid service providers that lives and operates under the watchful eye of its larger brother. In this case Sprint. While the ...

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The LG Optimus L7 Emerges as the LG Venice with a Boost!

  Early on in the smart phone race, high end devices were pretty limited to post paid carrier options. Recently as higher end smart phones emerge they have found themselves on the likes of some of the very best pre-paid carriers. Smart phones like the iPhone, some Samsung Galaxy S devices and a slew of others ...

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Palms Pre gets over clocked to 1GHz

  The Palm Pre will forever be known as the last of Palms attempts to keep afloat. The Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi were essentially the last two phones made by the company before its billion dollar buy out by HP. No one knows what the definitive future of Palms handhelds are but if they ...

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Palm users get an update 1.4.5

Palm has been going through some changes recently; with their buy out from HP to webOS’s future it is good to know that Palm has not forgotten their user base. A much needed update is slated for release according to some Sprint documents that have recently been discovered by the guys over at PreCentral.        Palm ...

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