Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Launches at Boost Mobile


Boost Mobile and Samsung announce the Galaxy Prevail 2. The original Samsung Galaxy Prevail was announced and subsequently launched about two years ago in April of 2011. The first generation Galaxy Prevail was one of the very first CDMA based Android devices to hit the pre-paid sector and it now seems it’s time for round ...

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HTC One SV and ZTE Force Make Their Way to Boost Mobile


  The HTC One SV and ZTE Force become Boost residents! The more options we have in this crazy mixed up world, the better off we are! Boost Mobile is one of many awesome pre-paid service providers that lives and operates under the watchful eye of its larger brother. In this case Sprint. While the ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Discover Makes Its Way Stateside

A new Samsung Galaxy Discover makes its way stateside! The amount of low end smart phones that have been entering the fray is endless. There are hundreds of entry level smart phones making their way into small dark corners of retailer locations as we speak, and truth be told, it’s hard to keep up with ...

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The LG Optimus L7 Emerges as the LG Venice with a Boost!

  Early on in the smart phone race, high end devices were pretty limited to post paid carrier options. Recently as higher end smart phones emerge they have found themselves on the likes of some of the very best pre-paid carriers. Smart phones like the iPhone, some Samsung Galaxy S devices and a slew of others ...

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Virgin Mobile to Follow Crickets Pre-Paid iPhone 4S Lead?

  There has been a lot of talk about the latest and greatest in Android over the last few weeks. With the launch of some amazingly powerful and high end smart phones like the EVO LTE and GSIII hitting the market; it’s not surprising that the seemingly stale iPhone 4 and 4S has sunk into the ...

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Verizon’s Pre-Paid Blackberry’s

A pre-paid Blackberry to some sounds a little absurd. Blackberry’s are known for the low amounts of data they consume however, pre-paid Blackberry? For years you could not pick up a Blackberry on a pre-paid basis, the likes of companies like MetroPCS and Cricket have seemingly changed that game and it looks like Verizon wants ...

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