Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play avalible May 26th

Playstation gamers rejoice! The likes of a truly portable Playstation phone is coming stateside and I want in. While I know Sony’s Playstation network and the like are in a world of hurt right now but it’s not like we are all going to run to pick up an Xbox…are we, are we? For those ...

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Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play ready to Launch in the UK on March 31st

  Take a Playstation and make it portable and you win. Take a Playstaion portable and give it the capabilities of the leading smartphones, well your just about the champion and most definitely not in a Sheen kind of win. The Xperia Play started popping up all over the internet around October of last year. Since ...

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What to Expect at CES 2011

Vizio wants in on the smartphone market.

In two days, CES 2011 will begin. The event which lasts from January 6th to 9th will bring together most of the top players in the world of consumer electronics, including cellphone manufacturers and cellular carriers. If you are into wireless news, this is one Consumer Electronics Show that you will want to keep tabs ...

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PlayStation App for iPhone Coming Soon—No It Doesn’t Play Games

Unfortunately Sony is releasing an app for iOS and Android before its PlayStation Phone.

Sony’s PlayStation brand has been in the smart phone news for a while now thanks mostly to its blatant bashing on Apple’s iPhone and strong rumors of a PlayStation phone in the works by Sony Ericsson. Now the company says that it is developing an app for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. No, the ...

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