A Purple and Brown Samsung Galaxy S4 On Their Way


Purple and Brown Samsung Galaxy S4’s set to make their way to Sprint and Verizon! The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently one of if not the best smart phone you can currently own. The device makes use of its predecessor’s build and slightly improves its polycarbonate build all the while enlisting a slew of new ...

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Samsung Set to Announce the Note III On September 4th?


Samsung’s Galaxy Note III ready for launch on September 4th? Samsung launched a huge 5.3 inch Galaxy Note way back in 2011 to much skepticism. The Note is a handheld device that blurs the lines between tablet and smart phone. The Note is large and comes with a stylus, aka an S-Pen, something that has ...

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Renderings of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom Leak Into the Wild

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

  New details of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom have emerged! Samsung has been very active lately keeping new variations of their latest Galaxy device up to date and presented in a handful of different variations. Late last month details of Samsung’s plans emerged into the limelight, and showed off some specifics for the S4 Active, S4 ...

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Poses for the Camera

Samsung’s ruggedized waterproof Galaxy S4 surfaces to the top of the rumor mill. Lately a few different manufacturers have taken a liking to water proof devices. Most recently Sony has taken the wraps off of their fully submergible Xperia ZR and it now looks as if Samsung wants to get its phones wet as well! ...

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The HTC One M7 Appears In Press Renderings….Again!


Another HTC One press shot leaks into the wild. A new picture of the HTC One aka M7 has leaked into the wild and made its way to the headlines….again. HTC has a press event that is slated for the 19th and this awesome new handset is (better) expected to be announced there. In a ...

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The Pantech Star Q Slated to Add More Mid Range Keyboards To Big Red’s Line Up

  Every year there seems to be a stretch of releases that only produce slate style smart phones. These smart phones are usually awesome. High powered machines with a thin piece of glass between its end users and the world. But as these stretches, stretch, there is a group of end users up in arms wondering ...

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The SGH-T699 Becomes the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q….Q Short for QWERTY

In the past years smart phones have become incredibly thin and unfortunately dropped off some of the features we look forward to, like QWERTY keyboards for example. As the smart phone slims out and grows diagonally, room for a tactical keyboard goes by the way side. A few years back for every high end slate ...

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Sony Ericsson’s ‘Hallon’ MT15i Spotted in a Picture

Is that Android Gingerbread running on there or a custom UI?

Besides the PlayStation Phone it is working on, smartphone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has a number of other Android powered devices in the works. Cue the MT15i (codenamed ‘Hallon’). While MT15i certainly won’t be its release name, Xperia something or other isn’t out of the question. What really makes these pictures interesting is that they were ...

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Pictures of Motorola ‘Olympus’ Powered by NVIDA Tegra 2 Processor Emerge

A tipster sent in a picture to Gizmodo of what they claim is just one of two ‘Olympus’ smartphones Motorola is making. They both will supposedly run on Tegra 2 processors from NVIDA. While a supposed screenshot from the Motorola Olympus MB860 showing its model number and claiming it runs Android 3.0 has turned up, ...

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More Pictures of the Nexus S Emerge

The Nexus S will be Google’s second attempt at making a smartphone. The first, built by HTC while not a failure, was certainly not a success mostly because it was Google’s first foray into smartphone development. The Nexus One brought us Android and the Nexus S (which Samsung is building this time) will bring near ...

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Tegra 2 Powered LG Smartphone with 1080p Video Recording in 2011

Everyone else building Android powered smartphones can step aside for the moment—LG is releasing a smartphone with a NIVIDA Tegra 2 processor/graphics chipset that can record 1080p HD video. This superphone will not see the light of day until early 2011 but its specs are certainly breathtaking. Engadget’s sources say that the codename for this ...

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What Samsung is Building to Succeed the Galaxy S

According to a leaked presentation document from Samsung that Engadget got its hands on, the Nexus S isn’t the only super smartphone the company is working on for next year. The phone has no name or codename right now, but the specs might just blow you away. Can you say Super AMOLED 2 display? Unconfirmed specs ...

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Sony Ericsson’s Xperia ‘ANZU’ Smartphone Gets a Picture

  Sony Ericsson has been regulated to nearly a bystander role in the smartphone game but the company plans to change all that with their follow up to the Xperia X10—the Xperia ‘ANZU’. An anonymous source sent in what they claim is a picture of the next Xperia to the XperiaX10 blog and while the picture ...

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Android ‘Gingerbread’ Powered PlayStation Smartphone Codenamed ‘Zeus’

You might have seen the pictures of a PlayStation smartphone powered by Android OS and built by Sony Ericsson floating around on the internet. Don’t worry; they have gotten further confirmation by Engadget’s “multiple, trusted sources.” The PlayStation phone’s codename? ‘Zeus’. So what exactly is Sony Ericsson’s Zeus? It is a smartphone merged with Sony’s PlayStation ...

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LG Releasing an LTE Handset for Verizon

Verizon Wireless is slowing rolling out a new LTE (long term evolution or 4G) network and it looks like LG has been hard at work. Engadget had managed to snag a picture of what just might be the first Android powered smartphone on Verizon’s network. Like what you see? The handset in question has not gotten ...

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