Apple Wants to Reinvent How We Interact with Technology

Leave it to Apple to patent the coolest stuff.

Apple revolutionized the MP3 player and the smartphone. Now, the company is looking to completely reinvent how we interact with technology. A recently approved patent by the company gives a strong hint at the direction that CEO Steve Jobs wants to push his iOS lineup towards—glasses free 3D with Microsoft Kinect like interaction. (The patent ...

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Apple Files Patent to Put Antennas behind Logo on iPhones


Apple has a reputation for pushing the envelope of design in high-tech devices to the edge and beyond. Think the original iMac and the MacBook Air for an example of the edge and the iPhone 4 signal attenuation disaster dubbed ‘Antennagate’ as beyond. So what is the company cooking up in its labs now? Hiding ...

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RIM’s Battle against the Kik Messenger App Hits the Courts

BlackBerry smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) recently pulled the Kik Messenger app from its BlackBerry App World and then took the drastic action of preventing the company behind Kik from developing BlackBerry apps anymore. All RIM has had to say so far about the situation is that it pulled the Kik app because of ...

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How to Quickly Fix Missing Music Bug in iOS 4.2, Apple Patents iOS Interface

Update to iOS 4.2 and discover that all of the music on your iPhone has disappeared? Don’t worry, it’s happening to a lot of people and there is a quick fix. (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch owners have been confirmed to experience the problem and the jury is still out on the iPad.) I’ve got the fix after the break and some interesting patent news about Apple.

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So What Really Will Be in the iPhone 5?

Apple’s iPhone is always a source for speculation and the company’s coming iPhone 5 is no exception. The last model brought FaceTime, Gorilla Glass and a whole lot of dropped calls. What is expected to be in the iPhone 5? Here is a rundown on the rumors, speculation and what little facts are available for ...

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Apple Files Anti-Sexting Patent

Apple CEO Steve Jobs really seems to hate adult content on his iOS platform. While Android might get all the content too steamy (or immoral depending on how you look at it) for Apple to allow it on their iTunes store, Jobs’ new iPhone 4 certainly has potential for some adult activities through its FaceTime ...

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Apple Gets Lawsuit Happy: The Target? iOS Accessories

Apple likes to file lawsuits. To be fair, lawsuits are the bread and butter of any high tech company that lives on its patents. However, its lawsuit against Sanho Corporation might irk some Apple customers and will test the limits of patent law. Sanho makes the HyperMac external batteries that many Macintosh users use on the ...

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Apple’s Patent Filing Hints at Button-Free iOS Devices

Apple has recently filed a patent that hints at a possible new direction for the company's iOS devices. Patent number 7,800,592 describes a system by which “a grid of capacitative sensing points” can load user profiles, be used to implement “button functions” and combines input from both or either hand(s) holding the device. Long story ...

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RIM Patent Concerns Billboards, Traffic Flow: Possible Link to ‘Traffic’ App

Research In Motion (RIM)—the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone—filed two patents related to advertising billboards and GPS measurements of traffic speed and density. First reported by Unwired View, the patents are titled “Adaptive roadside billboard system and related methods” and “Adaptive pedestrian billboard system and related methods.” When you combine the details of what they contain with RIM's ...

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Apple’s Recent Patent Filings Hint at Next-Gen Functionality

Some recent patent filings by Apple hint at amazing possiblities in the future of its iOS product line. How does facial, heartbeat and voice recognition sound to you? Believe it. Here’s the juicy details. In the patent titled “Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users on an Electronic Device,” Apple outlines a security system that lets ...

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NTP Won a $612 Million Lawsuit Four Years Ago Against RIM: Now Going for Everyone Else

Research In Motion’s former patent nemesis—NTP—has now launch a broad array of lawsuits against Apple, Google, HTC, Microsoft, LG and Motorola over claims of patent infringement.  The lawsuit RIM settled with NTP for $600 million back in 2006 concerns a portfolio of patents relating to wireless email. NTP has been criticized for being a patent ...

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