Pantech Announces the Vega Iron 2


Pantech introduces the Vega Iron 2! While not the most popular or well known brand Pantech is known for producing some rather excellent handsets across the globe. Normally when a Pantech made device finds its way stateside it is usually branded as an entry level or mid range device. While the Vega Iron 2 may ...

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Details Surrounding Pantech’s Vega Iron 2 Leak into the Wild


Pantech’s Vega Iron 2 is rumored to ship with the first Snapdragon 805? Chances are you’ve heard of Pantech. You may have actually owned one of the company’s excellent devices in the past. The Vega Iron however may be one of those smart phones you’ve never heard of. The original Vega Iron released across Korea ...

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Pantech Announces their Vega LTE-A With Fingerprint Reader


A rendering of the Pantech VEGA LTE-A appears in the wild! The last we heard from Pantech the company was going official with Verizon and their Perception, a decent new smart phone with all the fixin’s. Previous to the Perception the company announced their Vega Iron which was boasted as having the smallest bezel on ...

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The Pantech Perception Is Officially Announced by Verizon


Verizon launches the Pantech Perception. Recently Pantech took to the presses and announced the near bezel-less Vega Iron, a high end flagship handset with all sorts of features, bells and whistles. The company has been on a roll released smart phones left and right. Most recently the Discover, the Flex and now the Perception which ...

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The Pantech Vega Iron Gets Official with Smallest Bezel Yet


The Pantech Vega Iron becomes official, bezel in tow.  Dreams of bezel less devices swirl in the minds of smart phone and gadget enthusiasts alike. If you ever check out the fan made renderings of upcoming flagships from different manufacturers, you’ll most always catch a imagined device with absolutely no bezel at all. The Pantech ...

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The Pantech Vega Iron Set for Announcment April 18th


The Pantech Vega Iron to finally do away with those worthless bezels! A bezel is the thin strip of useless space that surrounds the screens in your life. Most all devices that offer up a screen of some sort have a bezel. In most cases this bezel is a waste of space. Recently the Blackberry ...

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The Big Red Bound Pantech Perception Makes Its Way Through the Halls of the FCC


 The Pantech Perception makes its way through the halls of the FCC, heading Big Red’s way! Way back in January at CES, At&t and Pantech teamed up to introduce the Pantech Discover. Not to be out done by their bitter rivals, Verizon struck a deal with Pantech to get their own variation of the Discover. ...

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The Pantech Perception Leaks, Headed to Big Red

  As CES is officially over there is still a lot to catch up to however one small Pantech made Verizon ready device just did not want to conform to the hype that is CES announcements. Early on in the convention Pantech and Ma’Bell announced a new handset named the Pantech Discover. While the Discover is ...

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Ma’Bells New Pantech Discover!

    CES is officially under way and it didn’t take long for an awesome new handset to be unveiled. Pantech may not be the company you think of when you’re considering a high end, top of the line smart phone, however Pantech does do affordable and the new At&t Discover is a combination of awesome and ...

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The Pantech Vega R3 Adds Another Oversized SmartPhone to the Phablet Niche

  The rise of the oversized smart phone, also known as the phablet is seemingly in full swing. In recent history Dell was one of the first companies to offer up an amazingly large smart phone. Unfortunately for the manufacturer their idea didn’t quite take off, that is until Samsung took a stab at the market. ...

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The Pantech Flex Is Official For Ma’ Bell

Back in mid August At&t and long time partner in crime Pantech made a new device official via the likes of a standard press release. The only problem was the press release was more of a tease about the phone than a window into its sole. Moreover the press release was a moment in the ...

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The Pantech Renue Becomes A Feature QWERTY with Ma’ Bell

Good news everybody, a new At&t QWERTY messenger has just reached the for sale shelves. Pantech and At&t seemingly have a solid relationship that has pumped out some pretty awesome entry to mid range devices. The Pantech Renue is no different and hits the scene with a bit of excellence and environment on its mind. ...

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Pantech IM-A830S BenchMark Scores Show off ICS, Dual Cores and an HD display

Pantech is a solid competitor within the mobile phone arena and a new device like this Pantech IM-A830S will only make their selection stronger. Recently the company has released some lower end devices like the Pocket 4G and some strong mid range models like the Pantech Breakout. They have even stepped into the tablet market ...

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The Pantech Element Tablet gets leaked before CES

The greatest event for technology nerds is just around the corner. Next week CES will be in full swing in Las Vegas, Nevada and the next generation of high end and low end tech will make its way into the public eye. The best part about it, well, the early leaks of course. Pantech is ...

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The Pantech Pocket puts Affordable 4G Android in your hand

The new Pantech pocket has become officially official today and the cost of smart phones just keeps getting lower. When new ‘low end’ or entry level smart phones become official it always puts a slight grin on my face. When what used to be high end specs become the norm and pumped out to the ...

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